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Thread: Hanger Steak and Tri Tip

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    Hanger Steak and Tri Tip

    Freezer diving turned up a small Hanger Steak. Figured on cooking it for dinner last night.
    And while grocery shopping yesterday... found this trimmed Tri Tip:

    Thought "Why Not?". Could cook them both at the same time.
    Lightly oiled the Tri Tip with evoo and rubbed with Oakridge Santa Maria and Carne Crosta.
    The Hanger Steak was oiled with evoo and given a heavy coat of Ksalt and coarse ground black pepper.

    Got the Performer running at 380* with repurposed KBB and some large chunks of pomegranate.
    TBS and put the meat on the grill.

    When the Hanger Steak hit 120* IT, reverse seared it for several minutes per side, pulled it and rested under foil.
    The small Tri Tip wasn't far behind and it was seared when the IT hit 115*.

    TT after searing and before foil and rest.

    Rested Hanger Steak ready to be devoured.

    A 3 bean salad and some sliced tomato made for a rather EZ dinner.
    Time To Eat!

    The Hanger Steak was delicious. We just love the taste and texture of them.
    The Tri Tip and juice has been saved for lunchtime sandwiches for the next few days.
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    Robert, I'd take a plate of each it all looks delicious. Left over meat for sandwiches are always the best part.
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    Excellent looking meal Robert. Both meats cooked to perfection, good deals from the butcher on both. Really like the looks of that 3 bean salad as well.
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    Great meal Robert and I like the way you cooked them.
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    That is one beautiful plate of food. That beef looks perfect!
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    Looks very tasty!

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    They both look great Robert. I have never seen hanger steak in the stores, but would like to try one.
    Might have to try the butcher shop.

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    I cook skirt steak often and see the hanger steak nearby but never tried it. Looks very similar, but maybe larger than the skirt. After reading your post I think I will give it a try.
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