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Thread: 22.5" WSM rotisserie-only Cajun Bandit?

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    Dec 2015

    22.5" WSM rotisserie-only Cajun Bandit?

    My lovely wife noted I have expressed interest in a rotisserie for one of my grills.

    I've decided I would enjoy it better for kettle/WSM than Genesis. That lead to 22" kettle or 26.75", which lead to 22" kettle & 22" WSM...

    In my research thus far, it appears Cajun Bandit is the way to go. Any insight out there before passing info to my lady?

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    TVWBB Diamond Member Robert-R's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    AntHome 92025
    Go CB!!!
    18.5 & 14.5 WSMs, 26.5 XL, (2) 22.5 Performers, JJ, SJ, Roti Rings, Stackers, Genesis 330, OKJ Highland & Al Pastor Cooker

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    TVWBB All-Star Lew Newby's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Deltona, FL
    I have the 22" CB and it works great. Because I live in Hurricane country I got the battery version and the A/C adapter. The motor seems to have more torque with the adapter. Of course you're in Tallahassee and don't worry about such stuff.
    Old dog, learning new tricks - one cook at a time :-). -14.5", 18.5", & 22.5" WSM, SS Performer, Auber ATC. CB Rotisserie, Rec Tec Mini Pellet Grill

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    TVWBB Guru Bob Bass's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Corona, CA
    A CB owner here also. Roasted, with hickory smoke, this year's batch of Hatch Chiles on the 22" Kettle. Looking forward to its use on the 22 WSM in the near future. Excellent piece of equipment ! I concur with Lew's findings regarding the motor torque.
    KCBS, SCA, Operation BBQ Relief

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