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Thread: Can we get back to grilling posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Allingham View Post
    Lew, rather than get Larry stirred up again about the new Webers, you can read some of his greatest hits in this thread:

    I share this with all love and due respect to Larry!
    I remember that thread. Didn't pay much attention since my Genesis Silver C is still going strong and is the last gasser I'll ever buy.
    Bunch of Webers...and stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lew View Post
    Not trying to hijack the thread, and I have heard some of the complaints concerning the new Webers, but what do you mean by "especially now"? BTW, all my Webers are older and I haven't ever been disappointed.
    I meant exactly what I wrote. The new products IMO from the change in 2011 to front burners and onward have been a pretty big disappointment IMO. When they came out my sister and BIL bought one of them. She asked me to come and install it for them. Every package I opened inside the main box was labeled "Made in China" and I was disappointed in the overall quality (lack of) I saw. The only thing they did in the US was package the parts from over seas suppliers and made a couple of the sheet metal stampings. That was it. Now the products are blatantly Chinese. So I meant exactly what I wrote. I don't believe for the $$$ spent they're the best product out there. Decent yes but NOT exceptional the way they used to be.
    Yes the old stuff is the "good stuff" and they're worth every penny to "save" whether you do a full on restoration for both cosmetics and function or as I do concentrate on restoring function more than cosmetics.

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