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Thread: Anyone ever made pulled pork on a gasser.

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    Stay away from that damn nasty foil...Get a maze or tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James N View Post
    Stay away from that damn nasty foil...Get a maze or tube.

    I used to smoke butts on my gas grill with foil packets and agree; nasty.

    Got an Amazen tube smoker and with proper setup and placement of the meat, was able to turn out some decent pulled pork.

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    Why are they nasty? They work just fine, they have the added benefit that you can make them up ahead of time, leave no residue in the grill and cost next to nothing. I tried all kinds of commercial smoke boxes and always end up going back to good old foil packets. Nothing nasty about them

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    Thanks everyone for your ideas and advice and those sharing their experiences with smoking on a gasser. This is why I like this forum, so many great people willing to share their thoughts and experience.
    I'll be doing this after the 4th. On the 4th we're having some friends over and doing baby backs and kettle fried chicken on the gassers. The following week there is a good chance for rain, maybe if we get enough they will allow us to use charcoal again.

    Hope all of you have a happy and safe 4th of July.
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    I've never tried pork on the grill, but I use my smoker box for chicken a couple of times a month and it's pretty good. Let us know how it turns out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty James View Post
    Bill, does the wood catch fire in the tube? It looks like it might.
    It does at first, but then you blow out the flame and it smolders, slowly moving down the tube. You can get about 6 hours of smoke on the 12" tube.

    It's also great for cold smoking in the cooler months.


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    Just wanted to post this video...

    I tried this recently a few times, and it works OK. I smoked a rotisserie chicken with pecan using this method, and had decent results. I'd still like to try other methods too.
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