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Thread: A couple of quick cooks this weekend

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    A couple of quick cooks this weekend

    Friday night, the wife came home with a couple of steaks from Whole Foods. I didn't pay much attention to the label as I ripped open the package to prep the meat for grilling. When I opened them up, I saw two beautiful prime cuts of beef. I knew it right off the bat, but still had to look at the label just to confirm. The misses has gotten really good at picking out steak.

    I did a reverse sear on them. They were a hair over my target, but I'm pleased with how they came out...soooo good.

    My NY strip:

    Her Ribeye:

    It had been a while since we had wings, so I decided that I wanted to grill some up for dinner on Saturday. The misses decided that we needed cheese and bacon fries to go with them. Unfortunately, she misunderstood and thought that she had to start the fries when I started the grill as opposed to when I put the wings on it. No biggie, we just ate those while I manned the grill.

    Loaded fries: Cheese, bacon bits, and ranch:

    Wings playing Ring Around the Vortex:

    Crispy, crunchy and ready to sauce:

    And, finally, sauced and tossed:

    Hope y'all had a great weekend...and a Happy Belated Mother's Day to those Mamas out there!
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    You nailed both cooks. That steak looks perfect.
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    Man did you nail those cooks. Awesome job and I'd take a plate of each. Happy belated Mothers Day to the Mrs.
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    Nice cooks Dan, the steaks and wings look great. Got to try the loaded fries too. We don't do wings very often as there the same price a pound as ribeye's here.
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    Good looking cooking. Bet those loaded fries were tasty.
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    Tasty looking grub Dan!
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    Spot on all the way around!! They all look great, but those steaks look out of this world delicious!
    Thanks for sharing,
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    Couple of excellent looking cooks Dan. That ribeye looks especially scrumptious!
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