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Thread: 3 Hour Ribs

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    3 Hour Ribs

    Piggybacking off of Roberts 2 hour ribs. I did these yesterday on a new to me WSM 18. The guy had only used it once and it stills needs some gunk built up inside it. The door was leaking pretty good too, so there is a CB door on the way. KBB with pecan for smoke. It ran in the 300 range. Basically did a 1/1/1.

    Rich's rub.

    On to the new to me 18.

    After an hour.

    Foiled with honey, brown sugar and butter.

    Out of the foil for the last hour with some SBR.


    Let's eat.

    These were probably the moistest BB's I have ever made. Totally sold on cooking them faster, I might have to follow Roberts lead and cook them a little faster next time. The new WSM is great but it is a little leaky right now. The only way to snuff out the coals was to remove the middle and put the lid on. Can't wait to try it with the CB door on it. I was planning on doing some jerky but I'll wait until it is sealed better. Thanks for looking.
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    Those ribs look super! Wouldn't last long around here. Might have to try saucing ribs again.
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    Ribs look great Pat. You're going to enjoy your 18.
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    Makes my mouth water

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    With you and Robert doing ribs I guess its time for Rich and I to get some. They sure look yummy. Great cook and your going to love your 18.5.
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    Ribs look great Pat. That's the only way I do them any more. Jim Lampe did some on a kettle that's when I tried his HH ribs method and they were great.
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    Those ribs look great,cans the WSM looks like it had never seen daylight before! Great find, and great cook!
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