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Thread: Gasser newbie looking for thoughts....

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    Bill yeah that frame section looks to be nearly gone (not just rusted). For the right price and if close by would not be a deal killer as it is fixable. But better to let someone else deal with it. Though those grills are very desirable but IMO this one not so much. As for slow heating could be anything. Many times like others have said it's die to using the tank valve to turn off the grill leaving the knobs on and than reopening the tank valve to start it again. Trips the OPV device.
    Best thing then is turn off grill and tank, disconnect the tank wait a few seconds. Reconnect the tank, turn the tank valve on slowly. Than turn on the front burner only light it and continue turning on the remaining burners.
    Unless of course there is a physical issue with the manifold (really odd and rare) or there is physical issues with the burners (very possible) especially if it's the crossover burner
    Keep hunting

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    Yeah, I'm going to agree with most here. You will find a better candidate closer to you soon. That grill has two definite issues just from looking at pictures and reading. I'd make like I was smoking: Go slow and low. Works out the best in the end.

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    As several of y'all pointed out, I may find a better candidate, closer. So here it is... Only a couple of miles away from me. What do you think of this one? Is it missing anything? Are the flavorizer bars cheap? I thought they were $60-70.

    Thanks again, Folks!!

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    First of all, that is definitely a rare find. Never heard that Snap On had them made. I am sure some people would pay a pretty penny just for the lid.
    But, it is probably a small market too. The grill otherwise looks pretty good. It would be nice to see the insides besides the cooking grates. But it looks intact. The cook box and end caps are candidates for repainting. The wood slats may be OK, but probably could use replacing.

    If you are a SNAP ON nut, then I think it would be cool to own. If not, you can likely find the same condition grill without the SNAP ON logo for half that or less to include the Redhead.

    Oh, and you can probably buy a set of aftermarket Flavo Bars for under $40. But, I think I paid about $60 to $70 for my RCPlanebuyer SS bars.
    Grills and guns are a lot alike. While one would usually suffice and you can only use one a time, each grill/gun is better in certain situations.

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    I think that one looks pretty good. $150 may be a little high. Maybe offer $100. If it just needs flavorizers you could have a fully functional grill for under 200 bucks.

    I think the snap on logo is pretty cool.

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    I think $150 is too expensive. Not sure if LA is that much different from Texas but I have seen these older X000 series showing up on CL in our area for far less than $100.
    Here is one for $50:
    Here is a Sprit for $25. If it wouldn't been almost 2h from where I life I would have already grabbed it for the parts.
    I would be patient. Weber grills show up all the time.

    What I personally like about these X000 models and the later Genesis Silver/Gold series, are the fold-up tables. I use them a lot. Unfortunately Weber discontinued this concept when the introduced the new Genesis E/S series around 2007. No more fold-up tables. And the old Genesis Silver models became the Spirit series. Although the Spirit grills look the same as the old Genesis, the frame no longer has the welded on brackets to retrofit a foldup table.

    Also look for "Webber" with 2 x b. Often people spell it wrong when they post the grills.
    Genesis Silver B, 22" Kettle and Genesis Gold C under restoration.

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    I agree with the comments that this Snap On grill is pretty cool to the right person otherwise a bit steep in price if you don’t care about the unique logo. Maybe a little like the Skyline Series that I love but others would just pass on.

    Never hurts to offer!
    Genesis 330-SE Genesis Silver C Q3200 Q1200 Performer 1 green kettle. Projects: Genesis Skyline 4000 one redhead and one maroon Genesis 1000 Summit 650.

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