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Thread: Nachos and ribs on the WSM 14.5"

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    Nachos and ribs on the WSM 14.5"

    Had a nice sunny Saturday on the weekend, thought I'd try to make some nachos for lunch, roughly based on the recipe found in Project Smoke (an excellent book btw, much recommended). It did not take more than half an hour to take the 14.5" out and get it up to temp. It also turned out that my old steak pan has a removable handle and without the handle it made a perfect fit into the small WSM.

    I did not find much meat at home either, so I went with some remaining minced meat cooked with bacon the other day, added some beans, scallions and white cheddar, smoked with hickory for about half an hour and sprinkled fresh cilantro on top at the end.

    Meanwhile, I was fixing some pork ribs at the bottom for dinner. Tried out Kruger's Rib Rub this time (found here on the forums), and while it turned out to be really on the spicy side, I absolutely loved its flavours. Ribs were really meaty, so got them smoked for a long time, almost 7 hours to take them bend properly. I did not wrap this time nor had a water pan, so I did made some tradeoffs to get this bark here - still working on my way to fix the best ribs

    It's probably no news for anyone here, but I just love the 14.5".. I find it so satisfying to cook two meals in the same time for my family on such a cute device!

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    2 great meals off one cook! We love natchos & ribs. Really.... really like those ribs.
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    Both look excellent Kristof.
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    Love the color on those Natchos Kristof. Ribs look downright delicious also!
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    Oh My How Good is That! My Oh My it is BBQ @ It's Best! Thank You for Sharing this Post!

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    nice meals------ especially like those nachos.

    Wait - you said a K Kruger rib rub? then I especially like the ribs!

    I like to make nachos like that in my oven a few times per year, not sure if I've done them on the grill

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    Your cooks never are always inspiring Kristof. Chips and Cheese on the WSM, most impressive
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    Nice bark on those ribs!

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    Beautiful ribs and nachos!
    ; ; ;

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    Ribs and nachos look fantastic. I love nachos.
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