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Weber would do well to bring production back here, lose all the proliferation and duplication of lines and just concentrate on making a decent product again at a price that makes sense. As they're going now all I see is a useless proliferation of models and duplications and severe downgrade of the product(s) while jacking the price. It won't be long before we see the same exact products sold under a different name like B&D for half the price
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I have to agree Larry. Seems they are trying to fill every possible need and desire and in the process are over complicating their line and likely losing some of their simplicity and reliability.

As to bringing production back to the US, I would welcome that and maybe some changes in the tax code will help that happen over the next year or two.
They have been sourcing and manufacturing grills and parts for over 10 years already. I really can't see it happening.

This is why the labels started saying "Designed and Engineered in USA" as there wasn't even enough actually MADE in the US (including the printing of the manual)!