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Thread: Weber is best briquette

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisBarb View Post
    KBB gives off an odor that I can't just get past. The Weber is far far superior.

    I smoked 4 pounds of sausage patties with Kingsford regular, and I didn't quite let the blue smoke burn off, and it ruined the patties. Even my wife complained about it. I don't know how folks use the stuff in snake mode without tainting the finished product.

    Weber coals remind me of Royal Oak lump somewhat, but I guess that's only fitting since Royal Oak actually makes Weber coals.
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    i bought 10 bags at target for 5.98. cooked a 6lb butt yesterday and was pleasantly surprised

    wsm 18
    full charcoal ring with a small dimple, in which i dropped in 15 lit kingsford briquettes
    bricks in a foiled water pan, i do add some water to a foil pan which also catches drippings.
    6lb butt
    265 degrees
    i did foil at 165 degrees, the whole cook was 7 hours.

    i still had 2/3 if not more of coal leftover. that's some high mileage coal, weber does it again

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    I picked up 4 bags at 5.98 from Target. Looking forward to my next cook so I can give it a try.

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    Best briquettes I've tried. Once I run out if Target sale bags gonna be disappointed
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