I was in a real rush this week, and got some work done on the donor grill. The crux of the matter is I painted the lid end caps and cook box, but grabbed the wrong paint from the garage. I was rushing, and had the gloss high heat, so I went to swap it in the garage, and grabbed what I thought was mat high heat, but it was mat high performance. So will it all flake off? I must have given the high heat to my father inlaw when I was trying to give him high performance.

I was planning on roughing up and degreasing the frame (I water blasted it yesterday) and painting it tomorrow. Then will do the re-assembly. I don't see an easy way to take off the paint, so think I might just run with it and sand blast it in a couple of years.

Random finds when taking the grill apart and power washing and simple greening it.

1) the cross over tube is broken, so hope I can just get a new one of them
2) the manifold is not held to the box the same as my green one, instead of wing nuts, it has bolts with thumb turns on them.
3) the red lid has sort of small black flecks in the paint that I can see now, and some fine scratches.

Anyways, just want to get it going and ditch the green one before summer is over.