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Thread: Weber Fire Starter Cubes

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    Weber Fire Starter Cubes

    Well, I have been lighting my Performer with newspaper and veggie oil since I got it and that was what kept me from using the Performer a lot more than what I did. Just kind of a hassle to find newspaper since I don't subscribe to one and spraying it in veggie oil can be a bit messy, so most of the time if it was just me eating I'd fire up my Spirit and just use gas to cook whatever it was. Still good, but not charcoal flavored for sure.

    Well, I was at Walmart and saw the Weber cubes and thought what the heck, I'll pay $3.98 and give them a try since there's 24 of them. Not like I'll run out soon and that price is fair.

    That said, I think that anyone who cooks with charcoal and lights it in a chimney needs to go ahead and just get these. It made cooking on the Performer no harder than turning my Spirit E-310 's knob on the gas tanks and pressing the igniter button. No fooling with having to relight another piece of paper or dancing in and out of the house to make sure that the chimney was lit and not sitting there cold. The cubes got my chimney ready to go in 10 mins and after I dumped it the grill was piping hot at 450 degrees.

    It's almost an epiphany really, and I don't know how much I'll use the gasser since I've finally found an easy, fast, and cheap way to light my Performer. All the great flavor of charcoal and none of the work. I can't say how much of a fan I am of these little $3.98 wonders.

    Is anyone else a fan of these? And do you use two cubes like Weber says or just one? And if you do use one, does it light the charcoal at the same rate? If you can truly just use one cube then these are literally the convenience deal of the century for someone who grills on charcoal.
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    I'm a fan. I only use one cube and I'm not going back to regular newspaper.

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    Love 'em. I don't use anything else. I will use two if I have a full chimney, otherwise I'll use one. I don't know if it's actually faster, but it sure works well.


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    i use diamond fire starters. i cut them up into 4 pices and they work great. real cheap when on sale. home depot has the best prices on the weber cubes.
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    I like them and buy a bunch at the end of season closeouts. I'm a little confused here tho.. You have a Performer with Gas assist and you still need to add a starter media of some type to the chimney??

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    Since i started using cubes i havent used papper. Often i dont even use the chimney. Place a cube in the coals...Light it and add a few more ontop. Lid off. 20 min and you have a decent fire.(faster if using lump)

    Never seen the Weber cubes...I use these:

    21$ / 200 cubes(bags) Works like a charm.

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    I do like using the cubes over newspaper but the gas assist in the Performer is my most preferred way to light. My experience has been that I only have to leave the gas on for about 60-90 seconds and the coals are lit. They are usually ready to pour from the chimney in 10-15 minutes. I am glad to be out of the newspaper business.

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    I made the same discovery a while back. I use the Touch-N-Go on my Performer, but use the fire cubes to start everything else. IMO, they are so much less of a hassle than newspaper or paper towels and oil. I use two with both the regular chimney and full mini chimney. I only use one when lighting a small load of charcoal in the mini chimney for the minion method start in my mini WSM.
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    Love the cubes. For years, like an idiot I thought I knew better because "why would anyone need to buy these."

    I'll never stop using them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny B (Albany, GA) View Post
    I am glad to be out of the newspaper business.

    lol, me too.

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