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Thread: Battle I: Eggs Presentation to Judges

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    Merciful Heavens! Knowing the participants, I knew this was going to be very good from the start, but you all went far beyond expectations with not only the food but the plating and photography. Phenomenal is only one of the words I would choose.

    If the good folks at Weber don't jump on this for advertising purposes, I'll be surprised.

    Heartfelt Congratulations to all! You set the bar high.

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    These Iron Chefs outdid themselves.

    What can I say ? SUGOI !!
    18.5" WSM, Black Performer, Genesis CEP-310, Q-220, Jumbo Joe

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    Looks fantastic all GJ! One suggestion for future battles .... make it less about pics. White backgrounds only, and only show the plate being presented. Like put the plate in a white box then take the pic.

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    I think only one word sums all this up:

    It takes time to smoke...and it's worth it

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    Yes, this event happened HERE on TVWBB nearly 6 years ago... many new (or newer) members may not have dug deep enough to unearth this gem.
    This nostalgic thread along with the prep and thread are simply OUTSTANDING!!

    And another big thank you to Jeff Biesinger for his initial concept to an awesome event!
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    Thanks for bumping, Jim. Really enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Remembering now how blown away I was with these dishes by some great cooks.
    ; ; ;

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