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    Summit grates

    Can’t wait to throw some meat on this now!
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    Summit grates

    Well I saw this same exact grill pop up again, not sure if it’s the same people, but def the same grill, although missing the temp gauge now. Snagged the whole thing, it’s in pretty tough shape but it’s got those grates on it that I can clean up. I’ll see what else I can use off of it and then...
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    And Holy Smoke Another Unicorn!!!!!

    Nice. I live those tables, sturdy, pretty maintenance free and so easy to lock up
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    And Holy Smoke Another Unicorn!!!!!

    How does the table lock up? I thought the bracket that those tables lock into were part of the frame?
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    Hey WI guys Someone get this

    Looks like an old school spirit. My brother had one with the same frame that had that center piece down the middle, and it was pretty wobbly. Pretty sure it only had one row of flavorizers
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    I will just leave this here Looks to be in great shape for only 60 bucks
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    Ooh I could use a couple of those plugs too.. let’s get some confirmation on the size
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    My Genesis 3000 score

    Are those Dave’s grates?
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    Side burner broken?

    Yeah it sparks, but it just does it at the bottom of the electrode so it doesn’t ignite the burner. I’ll mess with it later and see if I can clean it up some.
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    Side burner broken?

    Now my only issue is where the spark is coming from…
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    Side burner broken?

    Voila! I snagged a spider guard from a bad burner tube and got it set up.
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    Side burner broken?

    Lmichaels you were spot on. Maybe these are more than just “spider guards” lol
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    Help with a red head 1000????

    I just got that set on amazon, the burners are fine, although the crossover tube could be a little longer, but it only came with the 5 long Flavorizer bars, not the full 13. Double checked which one I bought and they shorted me darn it!
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    Side burner broken?

    Can anyone tell me what it’s missing here? Is it the spider guard that’s melted down there? Flames were coming out of that area where there was melted plastic. Is it just as simple as replacing that little piece?
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    First Project Weber Acquired. Can anyone tell me anything about this model?

    That’s a 2000, no? The wide body and the extra shelf on the right side. sweet grill btw, and I like the durawood, easier maintenance!