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    Hellmann’s Introduces New Meat-On-The-Bottom

    That would be in the "Miracle Whip" version... ;-P
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    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Thanks for all of the well-wishes. Scrappy is adjusting to being the "only-dog" (at least, for NOW...). Actually, I think that the skinny little stinker is LIKING it - because he gets ALL of the attention now. The pain of loss with beloved pets "is PART of the package" that comes with being a...
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    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    No, Rusty - that was my "best bud" Sebastian: He was a 70-pound puppy for ALL of his life - not only did he not have a MEAN bone in his body; he didn't even have a "GROUCHY" bone. We adopted him when he was about 3 years old, and he came from a home with a young single woman who loved the heck...
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    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Yeah - gotta' agree. After about a year (or a few months), we'll probably fall in love with some new little fuzzball who needs a home, and the cycle will repeat. Like I said before - they cram A LOT of living into their relatively short life span. (Makes us REALLY feel for the folks who are...
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    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Had to put-down TWO of our beloved hounds within about 8 hours this weekend - GLORIA - was about 12 years old (we only had her for about the past two, but she was a mellow little sweetie), survivor of a scraped-eye (lost sight in that one). Her teeth were BAD and gums got infected, but that...
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    Did This Ever Happen To You?

    Ya know - this thread could start approaching an "R" Rating with all the talk about "butt rubs" and injecting... I stopped doing it after I found that it was mainly to get some salt into the "inner meat". What I NOW do instead is to sprinkle a little left-over rub into the finished product and...
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    First cook with the 18 WSM

    Sorta' sounds like you used time / technique normally for SPARES with BBs = over-cooked? I did pretty much exactly like you did with some spares and they turned-out DEE-Lish! For LONG cooks, I would STILL use the water pan until you get a few cooks under yer' belt - the WSM was "Enginerded" to...
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    Mods for Jon Boat?

    I personally have not messed with a Jon-boat. However - my Uncle, who is a retired Tool & Die guy (VERY handy / mechanically apt) modded his small 14' Alumacraft and made it MUCH nicer by incorporating the following mods: (you could probably do similar to your boat) MOVE GAS TANK TO FRONT...
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    Red Snapper Tacos

    Yup - Looks Dee-Lish! I find that with good, FRESH fish - the trick is to keep things s-i-m-p-l-e (anything too "fancy", and you just wreck it) Sounds like the perfect follow-up / 2nd course to Chris's burgers above - i'd have just enough room left for 2 or 3 of these....
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    Big Burger for a Big Game

    Ooh - that looks GOOOooooooddddd.... And cooked just like I like 'em too! Gimme one of those and an ice-cold Schlitz, then stick a fork in ME (done!)
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    You guys may not believe this!

    Nice Find! One of my first gassers was a cheaper version with the porcelain-coated steel grates and the H-Burner. ("Upgraded" it with Ceramic Briquettes instead of the Lava Rock, which worked MUCH better - got that one on a close-out at a hardware store and got about 5 years out of it.) You...
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    Yet another remote thermometer

    Wow! A NEW product from Maverick. If it works as touted - it will be a pretty darned nice unit. I have the Thermoworks Smoke, and really like the build quality - particularly the probes. My old single-channel Maverick still works, but it is now gathering dust.
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    Grease fire -- what did I do ?

    Yep - Gotta' slide-out the permanent drip tray and scrape the crud off from it once in a while. Little burnt bits fall onto it and attract grease / fat drippings and keep it from running into the disposable pan after a while. (found that out a few years back when I ended-up with some...
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    Summer time and the livin is easy........

    Fish are jumpin' and (oh, I don't know anything about the cotton...) Yeah - but on a "whirlibird", try some of the Penzey's Greek Seasoning (inside and out) IMHO, that stuff is DA BOMB (and I don't use that term loosely...) ;-P
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    How old is your WSM?

    Mine is from 2007 and sits outdoors, with the original fitted cover (which is starting to get a bit crackly / brittle) in Wisconsin - where we probably have some of the largest extreme temperature swings of anywhere on the globe. The GRATES were starting to rust and had crud-buildup that was...