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    Roll Call, Who's Smoking?

    We have three 8.5 pound butts on. They've been going since 8:30 last evening. Bob
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    Finally got around to loading my pics to PhotoBucket. BBs and homemade potato salad.
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    Scary find Cleaning Grill *****

    Reported on Fox News website: Bob
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    And now for something different......Kettle Cake

    Not much of a smoke ring, but nice looking bark.
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    How to clean your grill

    A tip from a military base housing inspector for cleaning the stove. It works well for BBQ grill too. Place racks in plastic garbage bag, add a cup or so of ammonia, tie shut, let it sun-soak on driveway for a couple hours. Minor clean with soap and water (to remove ammonia), rinse and you...
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    Triple B!

    Triple B: Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! I want to be your brother. Are your parents are open to adoption?
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    First Butt: Renowned Mr. Brown

    Doug, Bark looks great to me. Sounds like you over-filled the charcoal chamber/ring. I usually fill to about level w/ top of the ring, leaving room for the lit briquettes (10-12). My butts go anywhere from 13-16 hours, deepening on size. I don't use water (clay saucer/base) and Guru temp...
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    Pepper Stout Beef

    Mark, Perfect execution of a great recipe!
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    Larry Wolfe's BEST Recipe (revisited)

    I make this often. One of my favorites. Easy to prepare...awesome taste.
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    18.5" vs 22.5" WSM

    Welcome Mark, I would get the 22. I have the 18 and wish I had the 22 for the increased capacity.
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    About to pull the trigger on a DigiQ DX

    Stuart, I bought a Digi-Q II a couple years ago and have no regrets. I use it in conjunction with the Maverick ET-73 that I bought prior to the Digi-Q II. Using both together, eliminates the need to baby sit the cooker. As you stated, with the WSM, there really isn't a need for ATC, but I...
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    water, sand, or confused.

    Allen, Everything you ever wanted to know about the water pan:
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    Brian, Your answer can be found here:
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    pics from today's pulled pork cook

    Great looking PP. I noticed your chimney sitting on a concrete pad. From what I've read on this site, you may want to change that practice. The concrete can explode. It is mentioned in the "how to use a chimney" link in the "operating Tips & Mods" section...
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    Got a K convert next door!

    Give a man some BBQ, feed him for a day. Show a man how to BBQ... well, you know the rest... Bob W.