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    What do you guys think about this grill?

    Mike: I to0 am looking for a WeberQ 3200 which presently are unavailable at any of the Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealerships. Yesterday, I received a message from one of the Dealerships that some may arrive next month. I will wait it out as I am in no real hurry.
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    Performer Bowl Issues

    I recently contacted Weber Customer Service regarding an Ash Bowl Removal problem on my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) that I purchased in January, 2020. My WPD was Registered with them, so, they sent me a Ash Bowl Kit at no cost that has resolved my problem in short order. Make sure to Register...
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    Plank Salmon

    Joan; no but I will give it a glance and thanx for the tip!
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    Plank Salmon

    My first try the other day in grilling up some salmon filets on a Weber Cedar Plank. Results were marginally good as we could not detect the "wood taste" and overcooked it somewhat as it was a little dry. I set-up my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) with the Weber Charcoal Baskets with 3/4 lit...
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    Cajun Bandit Accessories

    The Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit for the 26" includes a Rotisserie Ring that is NOT Stainless Steel.
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    Lodge Frying Pan

    Joe: Due to the heavy weight my private mail service will charge me a arm-and-a-leg as they charge by the weight of the item. I figure I would need to add another $300 Plus just for the Costa Rican Custom Duties and Shipping costs from Miami. Thanx for your recommendation.
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    Lodge Frying Pan

    Yes; that's the exact Skillet I have in my BBQ Arsenal. Thanx
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    Lodge Frying Pan

    Bruce: Thanx for your quick response as I am really wanting to purchase the WeberQ 3200 but I was contacted yesterday by my Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealership that they no longer have the 3200 on any future buying list. So, now thinking of purchasing the smaller WeberQ or maybe the Weber...
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    Ash Bowl Removal

    My Weber replacement parts arrived yesterday and I installed the new ash bowl with new handle on the same old Ash Bowl Ring which now is easy to remove. The problem was the handle on the old ash bowl as it did not squeeze just-right. The Weber Folks sent me the whole Ash Bowl Kit which also...
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    Lodge Frying Pan

    Will a 101/4" Lodge Round Frying pan fit with the lid closed on a WeberQ 1200?
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    Thinking of swapping out the Performer to a 26”

    I am now toying with with the idea to park-along-side a Weber 26" next to my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) in which I will use The WPD primarily as a stand-alone Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Cooker. I bought my WPD in little more over a year ago and the Table is my favorite part of this cooker.
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    Weber Cedar Plank

    Jeff; When I opened the Weber Plank Package the following instructions are in the inside cover as follows: 1. Soak plank for at least one(1) hour. 2. Preheat the grill on direct high heat for approximately 10-15 minutes. 3. Char the Plank by placing it on the cooking grate for approximately 5-7...
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    The official what grill should I purchase next thread

    In wanting to utilize my Cajun Bandit Rotisserie kit more often I was thinking of purchasing another Weber Kettle 22". Now I am toying with the idea to utilize my Weber Performer Deluxe 22" as mostly a stand-alone Rotisserie Cooker and purchasing a Weber Kettle 26" for most of my other...
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    What an 18" kettle can do

    Lots more money to spend when you have a Weber 22" Kettle as there are many more accessories than for the 18".