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    Original Kettle lower vent adjustments

    Same here with a "Sharpie" with only one(1) Mark 1/2 open. However, no idea how you would mark on those old Weber Kettles that do not have the One-Touch System.
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    WOULD YOU????

    Still-On-Hold but "sold" on the Q320 or the new Weber Traveler or even the Weber Kamado:unsure:
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    Looking for a new charcoal grill

    Best $550 spent here in Costa Rica!
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    New Owner

    Still learning some new smoking techniques on my WSM 18" Classic that I bought new in the year 2008;) Relax and enjoy your new WSM through your many future experiences of trial and error and success. Also, being a "ACTIVE" VWB Forum Member since the year 2008 was a "gift from the Gods".
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    30" Kettle - Would You?

    I would not look forward in lifting that One-Hundred Pound Lid:mad:
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    Looking for a new charcoal grill

    Two real Winners; a Weber Performer Deluxe 22" Grill fitted with a SlowNSear and Canadian Moosehead Beer:)
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    Another Costa Rican Lunch Sessions

    Our Lunch last Tuesday and Wednesday here in Costa Rica. Our twelve(12) year old Ex-Street Pup "Manchas" also enjoyed the tasty Salmon and Beef and then took his nap. Manchas has been with us for around eleven(11) happy years. Under the Aluminum Foil are some tasty "Taters". Oh, the Beef...
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    WOULD YOU????

    ChuckO: Thanx for the reply but there is no free shipping in getting this grill from my Miami Courier Service to Costa Rica and they charge by weight. Also, I would have to pay the Costa Rican Custom Duties.
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    WOULD YOU????

    Yesterday I passed-by one of our Weber Costa Rican Dealerships to survey what grills were-on-hand. Low and behold I came-across the 24" Weber Summit Kamado E-6 Grill with a price tag of $1425. I think I can get this price lowered-a-bit by paying cash, but, circling in my head is this more of...
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    Using the rotisserie ring to expand cooking space questions.

    Listed off for $33.00(Ouch!), however, none available. . Don't remember the last new Weber Kettle which only included these rails???
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    New Q2200 owner with Griddle question

    Is your WeberQ 2200 bought new, if not, what's the condition of your unit, i.e., burner tubes, hoses, etc.?? How about posting some photos of your WeberQ?
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    Chicken "Mojo"

    Six(6) Tasty Whole Chicken Legs marinated overnight with "Salsa Goya Mojo"and Inside the Foil was some Tasty Costa Rican Veggies. My Trusty Weber Performer Deluxe filled with 3/4 Full lit "Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal" in a Weber Regular Chimney maintained a temperature of around 375F for...
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    Weber Q 3200

    Thank you and the other Forum Members for your recommendation on purchasing the Weber Q 3200. Yep, Weber Products cost a hell-of-a-lot-more due to Costa Rican Import Taxes and Shipping Costs. My Excellent Weber Performer Deluxe cost me $550 in January, 2020 which is my go-to charcoal grill...
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    Weber Q 3200

    Yesterday I received a notice from a local Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealership that a shipment of Weber Q 3200 will be arriving here by the end of the month. I am wanting to add my first gasser to my BBQ Arsenal which now consists of a Weber Performer Deluxe, WSM 18" Classic and Weber Smoky...
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    Lid Hinge for my 26"

    Totally Agree; I know very "old School" but I still can produce some tasty morsels on my WSM "Classic" bought new in the year 2008.