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    Performer Thermometer Upgrade?

    Since grilling with my Weber Performer Deluxe since last January I have calculated there is around a 50F hotter difference from the Weber Temperature Gauge(WTG) and the cooking grill where the meat sits. So, if the WTG reads 450F I calculate that my meat/chicken is grilling at around 400F more...
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    Do you dry brine your meats?

    PLUS ONE(1)+
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    Harder to Clean and Maintain??

    My problem I am running our of space and to keep the "Better-Half" Happy.
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    Harder to Clean and Maintain??

    I have never owned a Gas Grill but thinking I may purchase one in the near future. For many Years I have been grilling/smoking on my WSM 18" Classic", Weber Mastertouch, Weber Smoky Joe, and now on my Weber Performer Deluxe and they all have been very easy to maintain and clean. Question...
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    Clean-up of Charcoal Grate

    Leaving unlit burnt charcoal on the Charcoal Grate for a extended period-of-time(say one(1) month) create rust issues?
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    Is BBQing An Expensive Hobby?

    In the Year 2008: 1 WSM 18" "Classic" bought new off at a cost of around $500 to get-it-here to Costa Rica and a few months later a Weber One-Touch-Grill bought here in Costa Rica for around $200. So, the cost to enter the BBQ/Grilling World started-out around $700 plus a bag of...
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    Smokey Salsa on Charcoal or Gas?

    Try Jim's way above in using your gas grill to smoke-up some veggies and if the results are not satisfying revert-back to your charcoal grill on your next cook. As you surely are aware Trying different trial-and-error way(s) are part of the on-going learning process in BBQing. For example, My...
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    Favorite grilled appetizers?

    Cut-up a couple of Smoke Bolognas!
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    Daughter wants Chicken Wings.. HELP!

    Mike: "Muncho Thanx!"
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    Daughter wants Chicken Wings.. HELP!

    After many years posting on this Forum I have yet to post a photo due to my technical ignorance, so, I will like to hear how you went-about-it in posting your photos in the near future.
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    Thermometer Recommendation

    Over the last few years I have bought three(3) Thermopen products(Chef Alarm,Thermopen Classic, etc.) and if $60 plus is not a "arm and a leg" I highly 2nd K Kruger's recommendations above.
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    Pork shoulder questions

    Wow, CaseyMcC doing his 2nd WSM Smoke in which he must maintain a proper temperature for around twenty(20) hours will be a hearty challenge. How about First placing the ten(10)lb Pork Shoulder inside his kitchen oven for a couple of hours and then terminate the BBQ Session inside his WSM or go...
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    Rusty grate can I save it?

    IMO can't beat my three(3) year old SlowNSear "SS Easy Spin Grate"!
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    Advice on which 2nd grill to buy

    Another Vote for the Weber Performer Deluxe which I purchased here in Costa Rica last January
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    Sold out?

    For me this was the Game Changer in purchasing A Weber Performer Deluxe last January and gifting my three(3) year old Weber Mastertouch Grill to my neighbor and friend and as of today remain one-happy Weber Customer.