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    Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal

    Follow-up; today I grilled a super piece of Pork using Matchlight Charcoal and it turned-out great! I followed the instructions listed on the Matchlight Bag: Wait until the charcoal greys-over which took around 20 minutes and if more charcoal is needed later-on ONLY add the regular Kingsford...
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    Since they allow charcoal grills i highly recommend the Weber 22" Performer Deluxe which has the propane ignitor to light-up the charcoal with ease and a spacious metal table top. The price of this kettle is under $500.
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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    Rich; thanx for your reply and where do you buy your "food grade flax seed oil"? Rick
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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    Thanx to all that replied and plan on using it on a weekly basis in order to justify the cost to the wife: Amazon: $40 and another $68 for Costa Rican Import taxes and shipping cost;)
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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    In reading the instructions on cleaning the 14" Lodge Pizza Pan it states after it is dry to add a few drops of cooking oil. Question, what is the best way to store-it after adding the oil? My thinking is that I will store it in a plastic bag or in aluminum foil???
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    First Cook on New Performer

    Looks like a very tasty cook! I purchased my new Weber Performer Deluxe a couple a months ago here in Costa Rica and I am one Happy Weber Customer with this purchase. Enjoy!
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    Twice Baked Potato & Rib Eye Steak

    Is that a cast-iron "Lodge" grill where your twice-cooked potatoes are cooking?
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    Vortex Question?

    Very Satisfied with the purchase of the small and medium size Vortex's off
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    Smoked bologna chub!

    At my meeting today with my Nutritionist I will ask her if I can eat this???:(
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    Two at a Time

    Fellow Forum Members; thanx for your excellent advice!
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    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie(CBR)

    Frank Ant: Thanx for this information and I am almost ready to pull-the-trigger. My only hesitation is where will I store the "ring" and "rods" when not-in-use as I now have very limited space?? I have both a Weber Performer Deluxe and Mastertouch Grill, so, my thinking is that I will leave it...
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    Weber Simple Pizza Sauce

    Yesterday I attended a three(3) hour "Weber Grill Academy" Pizza Course given here in San Jose, Costa Rica in which I really enjoyed and learned a few things in preparing a variety of pizzas for both the charcoal and gas grills. The following is a pretty good simple recipe for a Weber tomato...
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    Performers metal table rusty

    Down here in the San Jose, Costa Rica Area I keep my Weber Performer Deluxe(bought new around 3 weeks ago),WSM 18" "Classic",Weber Smoky Joe(WSJ) and Weber 22" Mastertouch Grill(WMT) stored in a Covered Patio Area without any covers. The major problem down here is with the humidity producing...
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    Two at a Time

    Brad; thanx for your excellent advice and I have both the Large and Small Weber Chimneys.
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    Two at a Time

    What is your Plan-of-Action when lighting and operating two(2) Weber 22" Charcoal Kettles at the same time? I need to Grill some thick Pork Chops/Steaks for around fifteen(20) persons next week and I have never lighted-up two(2) Kettles at the same time. What is the most efficient way to...