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    Hamburgers - Room for improvement

    I agree with this. If you dump the coals as you did and they are not tightly grouped the heat will just not follow.
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    Tips for Meater +

    Completely echo the info about the ambient temp. I cooked a 4lb sirloin with my new Meater+ on Christmas Day to medium repair and was delighted with the results.
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    Out of round 26" Weber..... your thoughts?

    Just run a tape measure to 26" and run it round the edge of the lid and bowl, you'll soon find your issue.
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    Turkey in Rotisserie

    I've done a couple now on clear cold days (for the UK anyway). You'll be surprised at how fast they cook, I would be looking at nearer 2.25 hours. Never had crispy skin on a rotisserie though
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    Pepper Grinder recommendations

    Another vote for Peugeot, very food grinding mechanisms and a nice wood finish.
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    Big Change(s) at Weber - From sizzle to fizzle

    The problem is that these millennials as well as lots of other people now order a lot of their food via apps and don't wish to spend their time cooking.,
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    Big Change(s) at Weber - From sizzle to fizzle

    I completely agree with this sentiment. I'm a relative newcomer to the Weber brand buying my first OTP in 2011 I think and a Spirit S320 on 2013. I subsequently bought a LE Red 22" in 2018 and a Performer deluxe in 2017, neither of these grill are anywhere near the standard of the OTP. In...
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    Have you used the Weber griddle accessory for performer or WSK?

    Hi John, I use mine to make paella as well as frying eggs and mishrooms for a breakfast. They really do everything a flat griddle/plancha does but with a lip so liquid can be used.
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    What's the price of gas where you live?

    Most of the cost here in the UK is tax. The Govt dropped VAT by 5p p litre a few weeks ago but most retailers haven't passed on the saving to drivers
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    What's the price of gas where you live?

    If my sums are correct I paid US dollar equivalent $7.51 here in England for unleaded petrol
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    Weber 70th Anniversary Kettle for 2022

    Not sure if this has already been posted but here is the UK’s offering @ £419 rrp
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    Used charcoal recovery for reuse

    That's exactly what I do. The used charcoal ideal for quick cooks
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    Warranty Query

    Update - had an email from Weber the new parts are coming Monday. Not bad at all
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    Warranty Query

    Well after a few email with a nice chap called Ian, I am now going to be getting a new lid and burner assembly with no quibble at all. He was going to be sending me a cookbook but it's the lid I had the issue with. I have 1 year left on my warranty so I'll keep a close eye on the cookbook just...
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    Warranty Query

    Had a quick response so far pictures sent in so I shall see.