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    Deciding between Weber master touch, performer or summit E6

    IMO the 26er is the best kettle grill hands down Weber has ever made, the 22 is great but the 26er is superior. The price will not break the bank.
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    What are your top 3 or 4 BBQ sides?

    Cole slaw, charro borracho beans, jalapenos and homemade flour tortillas.
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    WSM 22 vs LBGE and Baby Back vs St. Louis Ribs

    Both sets of ribs look awesome...Give grilling the ribs a try on your WSM you will not be disappointed, just remove the water pan, fill your charcoal basket about 1/3 full with unlit charcoal, light 1 full chimney and pour lit coals over unlit coals. Start grilling your ribs, in about 2-2.5hrs...
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    Go Giants Fries & Thighs

    Great looking meal, how bout the Astros...
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    Lowering the charcoal grate for smoking in a 26er

    I use charcoal grate from my 22 kettle, charcoal ring from 18 wsm and a lid from a 55 gallon drum as a diffuser, works great.
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    Beef cheek tacos.

    Great looking meal, beef cheek tacos are awesome, beef cheek meat is the only true (barbacoa), you can use any beef meat and braise it and call it barbacoa but its not. Tip try some re-fried beans with barbacoa in a taco, you will be in heaven.
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    WSM as a grill

    Great looking chicken, add a 2nd vent to the lid and 350+ will be no problem.
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    Diffuser for the 26er

    Good job on that diffuser, i use a 55 gallon drum lid as a diffuser.
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    Jumbo Joe/OneTouch mod

    I wish Weber would start selling the 18" OTG again, being looking for one for awhile with no luck.
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    Cook looks awesome!
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    Smoking on the 26er

    Dustin, find you a lid from a 55 gallon drum, works as a diffuser and drip pan. I use one myself.
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    lump charcoal mixed briquettes smoke level in food

    Lump charcoal will not give you anymore smoke flavor, add wood chunks.
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    Kettle high heat/fuel nearer food grate

    Add a 2nd exhaust vent for high heat.
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    We are still doing the same

    Looks great Amigo, keep up the awesome grilling. How bout them Astros!
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    Raichlen makes crispy wings on a WSM using water?

    Cook wings over direct heat and crispy skin as good as fried chicken everytime, its that easy.