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    Well, I finally did it.

    Nice score Dave!
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    NIB 26'er $175 - Louisville, KY

    If only I’d have held out a couple more months on my itch to grab one. :D
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    FS: Cajun Bandit Stacker for 18.5 WSM

    SOLD Don’t have much of a need for this any longer so it’s up for sale. Has an eye grommet installed for a probe and a 1/2 hole drilled in the side for a thermometer. Also comes with the charcoal ring shown. $90 OBO. Will ship also for additional cost. Box is 20x20x13 inches and 15 lbs. I’m in...
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    Academy Sports Sale 4/22 Only

    Saw this on slick deals. I grabbed the 26" kettle for around $228 shipped. Act fast. link
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    Prime Beef Brisket - Where????

    Depends on what size WSM you have, otherwise probably doesn't matter. The 16 lber I posted above is about the limit for my 18", shoehorned onto the grate. I was actually looking for something a little smaller but that was the smallest they had. The bigger the brisket, the better chance for...
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    BBQ Guru ATCs - Which one?

    I have the DigiQ. Also kind of wanted the CyberQ, but for me the DigiQ works just fine. If you are wanting to be away from home for long periods of time, say cooking a pork butt, the CyberQ would be useful verifying temps. For me, I cook a lot more brisket than pork, and usually do it overnight...
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    Prime Beef Brisket - Where????

    Did someone say prime grade brisket? :wsm:
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    Vortex Wing Cook, Crispy skin

    Looks good! I agree, love me some vortex wings. Cooking some this afternoon myself.
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    ATC Units - Leaning towards CyberQ

    I have a DigiQ, same thing but without wifi. WSMs will be different depending on how much they leak, so you'll have to just keep smoking meat until you get the necessary settings down pat for your WSM. :) I found I needed to start with less lit charcoal (Minion method) after I started using the...
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    ThermoWorks DOT now only $29.25 thru Aug 3

    Saw these a while back, been waiting for another sale. Pulled the trigger.
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    Okay I'm sold! Going to make a 26" Performer

    Best of luck with the surgery.
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    A few preparation questions before my first cook.

    Sorry, I don't have any pics of my setup, but it looks identical to the first pic in the thread I linked to. With the DiqiQ or CyberQ you attach a blower to the mount in that pic. They can be removed fairly easily with a flat head screwdriver or something similar. For your setup, it looks like...
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    A few preparation questions before my first cook.

    You can also plug the holes with metal plugs, see this thread. I think they are 3/4" plugs on the 18.5 WSM, not sure on other sizes. I did this with my DigiQ blower install and it works great.
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    2016-07-16 Cook !

    Wow that looks good!
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    Rotisserie for WSM 22"

    I have an 18.5 WSM, not the 22, but I was in the market for a rotisserie a while back for my Performer and settled on the Weber. Fits pretty good and works fine, but not a perfect fit and has some slight air gaps (just as I had read on the internet). Recently picked up a Cajun Bandit Stacker for...