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    Five ways to upgrade mashed potatoes

    I like to roasted a head of garlic in the oven and squeeze out 4-5 bulbs into the mixture as I mash it up. Add a bunch on white pepper, salt to taste, and you have taters that go great with a grilled steak.
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    Need Help; Really big pork loin rib half -

    Hi all. My local supermarket is selling whole pork loin rib halves, about 10lbs each, for a ridiculous price of $1.29/lbs..... So I'm going to buy 2, freeze one, and smoke one this weekend. I could cut them in half for 5 lbs loins if I wanted, or make chops... but I want to smoke the who...
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    Any good chicken thigh recipes for smoking?

    Hi Brian, I am new also, but I have mostly only done chicken on my WSM thus far. My wife and kids eat are addicted to my chicken, and everyone here is gonna get a chuckle out of prep for the chicken. FYI, if you have the smoker cooking thighs, might as well do a top rack of Thighs and a...
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    Looking for Red Oak

    Hi all, I am from California, transplanted to Colorado now. Anyone in Colorado, off the top of your head, know of a vendor I can drive to and buy, lets saw, 25-50 pounds of Red Oak fire wood. I live near Boulder, Colorado. Home Depot and Lowes both sell red oak; in finished/cut boards... but...
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    How do you maintain 150-160 temps?

    Hello everyone. I'm rather new here. I bought 18" WSM in July, and used it to great success with Chicken Wings, Chick Quarters, and Whole Fryers. ( Love my applewood smoked chicken!) I live at 5280 feet, so I have learned a bit about the importance of O2, and the vents. I have been pretty...