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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Did a test run after getting HM to work with my mesh router Except for a email and sms alarm issue all is well Here is a graph of a test run ( had a slab of ribs on) it was cut short by a real nasty thunderstorm. I thought i saw Dorothy and Toto fly by. Not sure what happened at 1530
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    Wifi help

    Up date I got the HM hooking up to the internet. For some reason if I entered the router name when I down loaded it didn't get on to the sd card properly. I had to put the sd card into the lap top open the config.txt ( I think it was that one ) then overtype the router name with the same name...
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    Wifi help

    As an up date I down loaded new software and installed onto the HM still getting the address and I'm not getting a DNS. Interesting my router cannot see the wifi from the HM but my cell and Tablet can. I can also log into the HM from my cell and tablet other wise the HM is working...
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    Wifi help

    Have a heater meter with a pi zero ( I think) it worked last time I used it.1 month ago since then i have replaced my router with a mesh system. I'm using the same name and password as the old one .The trouble I'm having is it will not connect to my wifi. When I turn it on it flashes one time...
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    Using Chile Verde to season pork shoulder

    Hmmmmmm very interesting idea. Might have to give this a try
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    Heater meter questions before jumping in

    I've assembled one of Bryans kits and it was an easy kit to do except for some eye strain ( I'm a senior) had a software problem ( I'm a senior) and found a lot of help here. I have to commend Bryan for his patience and is a pleasure to work with . Everything plugs together and follow the...
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    Servo whine ?

    James the servos we are using are CHEAP if you hear a whine ( usually gear noise from the gear train) it jamming or binding you might hear a growling sound. As long as it's not binding it will be ok. I think the capacitor would help with a jittery or twitchy servo. Either way keep us posted...
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    First spin with my new CB Rotisserie.

    great looking spit chicken one of my favorites. Looks like you nailed it. Nice you didn't let the "dip and dots" stop you the worse the weather the better the taste. My best steak i did at -10f , but I did need some anti freeze in me. I've had the same thigh problem a few times and haven't...
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    Smoked Chuck Roast

    Hope you don't mind a comment from a Kamado guy but that is a good looking Chuckie It might be a mortal sin but i like Chuckies a tad more than brisket. The left overs make great beef stew.
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    First (and now second) cooks - Loving It!!

    I agree with you Curtis about the HM. Great fun project and Bryan is so nice to work with. I used your settings on a Chuck roast Sunday and had a straight line graph for the 2.t hour cook and 2 hour more for a test. I think Byran has a post on the lid open I'll have to look for.
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    First (and now second) cooks - Loving It!!

    Curtis Don't think you could do better with your settings i may have to try those. Good looking yard bird. Was surprised by the time posted till i remembered where you are. So while we sleep you BBQ what a great world we live in.
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    Looking forward to HeaterMeter arrival

    Curtis how did the build go?
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    Help needed on sms settings for consumer cellular

    Now it's back note to self DO NOT throw the laptop
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    Help needed on sms settings for consumer cellular

    I posted earlier that you got it fixed but don't know where it went i hate computers