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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Many forums are shutting down all COVID discussions because of all of the mis/dis - information being spread. Also they can't help but start leaning political when every city and state are making their own decisions. Too many 'experts' and 'models' going around. I'll stick with 'Respect but...
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    Meat Grinders - Anyone have Cabela's or Lem 3/4 HP?

    Got it. I know LEM makes some of the Cabelas jerky shooters.
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    Meat Grinders - Anyone have Cabela's or Lem 3/4 HP?

    Does LEM make the Cabelas?
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    When vac sealing fish fillets or leftover stews and soups, I put them in those square glad storage containers to freeze before sealing. They pop out like ice cubes and then I vac seal them. A bonus is that they stack very neatly in the freezer and don't fall out when I open he freezer door!
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    A person can worry themselves sick.
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    Go to first unread?

    Just double-clicking the thread title does it for me.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Does anybody here know anybody that actually has this? Not someone on TV or the radio but a personal acquaintance?
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    Better charcoal chamber?

    Cut the top off of a 5 gal (steel) bucket and drill some holes in it.
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    Alabama barbecue restaurant forced to change name

    Dublin Dr. Pepper was required for eating a brisket sandwich and a slice of buttermilk pie.
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    Could this be a Craigslist scam ?

    New craigslist sellers may not realize that yahoo email accounts (and maybe others) often route craigslist responses to spam or trash folders. They may never see your response
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    Gouda cheese ?

    It is THE cheese for cheesy grits.
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    Refrigerator brands and longevity

    Seems like the standard specification now is for major appliances to last 5-7 years. Just past the extended warranty and parts availability.
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    How do you clean your probes or don't you?

    Never cleaned one. Edit - I was thinking about temp probes for the grills. For meat probes, I wipe them down with a clean rag when I pull them from the meat. I've been using the Inkbird stuff for over a year now with great results.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I don't have to ask. I work in China, Eastern Europe and SE Asia. I worked through Bird Flu, SARS, and MERS. I saw it first-hand and the areas that were affected the most. Those areas did not have good sanitation. You can't trust the sensationalist media. I'll stick with first hand reports...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    We just have to hope for the best. Very limited confirmed issues in places with flush toilets. Lot's of politically incorrect details left out of most media coverage. I'm in daily contact with 20+ Chinese nationals in multiple regions and not one of them has seen or heard of anybody with the...