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    Gordy's Salmon Dip

    chris, I've made this recipe for years for parties, subbed bluefish and striped bass (whatever I caught) for salmon, everyone loves it, perhaps you want to add it to cooking topics?
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    pork belly burnt ends texture?

    I've never made pbbes but they sure look good. we occasionally order roast pork belly in Manhattan's Chinatown, some of the pieces have very little meat and mostly consist of gelatinous fat. I know some people love this but we prefer meat with a little crispy fat. for those that have made...
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    Again with the High Heat Ribs

    thanks Jim, I made them and they were delicious!
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    Again with the High Heat Ribs

    jim, not sure if it was intentional but the wonderful images from your op no longer render...I'm not on the forum often but always check your great thread out when making hh ribs. best,
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    indirect with no lid?

    sorry, I see the confusion now. We have a vacation condo in a community with a communal, big flat grill with no lid. They don't allow individual BBQs or smokers (I know, what were we thinking when we bought?). I could add a little wood to the fire, move the meat to the side and cover the whole...
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    indirect with no lid?

    why what? why grill indirect?
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    indirect with no lid?

    Hi, At home I do most of grilling using indirect heat with the lid on my weber, anyone have any ideas how to do that without a lid? I was thinking about purchasing an inexpensive, aluminum roasting pan and placing it upside down over the meat... best,
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    Kingsford Original $16.88 2/20lb Home Depot July 4 sale 6/25-7/8

    walmart has free two-day delivery of 36 lbs of kingsford original for $18 and royal oak is $17 for 30 pounds. I don't see myself making a trip to home depot to capture the sale price difference.
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    Huge load of KBB spotted at Lowe’s

    for the first time since joining chris' forum 15 years ago, I am out of charcoal :eek: A function of less use since our three kids left the nest and more travel since retirement. Still, looking forward to stocking up this weekend! best,
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    where to start?

    Hi, about ten years ago I thought about building a heatmeter but was really busy with work, bought a bbq guru digiq and promised myself I'd build one when I retired. Well, that day here, I retired about 1.5 years ago and my digiq broke this week. I don't own a soldering iron, so I can...
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    logistics for twenty pounds of pork shoulder for a fund raiser?

    timothy, it was for a grassroots tennis nonprofit, we promote the growth of tennis in our (small) town as a lifetime sport through programming for adults and kids.
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    logistics for twenty pounds of pork shoulder for a fund raiser?

    thanks guys, Timothy's method of double wrapping/cooler worked perfectly. The meat moved from 170 to 200 pretty quickly (a couple of hours), I took it off the wsm at 3pm, double wrapped and into the cooler (somehow I lost a sandwich size amount of meat and bark in the process), out of the...
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    logistics for twenty pounds of pork shoulder for a fund raiser?

    thanks guys, I think I'm looking good, meat went on at midnight, it's noon and meat is at 170F. I'll double wrap, cover with towels, into cooler and should be good to go.
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    logistics for twenty pounds of pork shoulder for a fund raiser?

    thanks len, you'd cut the pork shoulders in half? why? and how? there's a pretty big bone down the middle of the shoulder.