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    I will just leave this here

    Ships for $16.20. Heh. Anybody want to have some fun with me?
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    I will just leave this here

    Are you saying we should oil the grillgrates before using? Or is a 12 step seasoning method needed?
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    Tonight, Halloween.

    OK. I'm old. Been around awhile. When I was a kid we'd rake the leaves into the street, then light them up. Standard practice, and that in a primary city in New England. So, it's Halloween. It's fall. Tonight was a warm, but crisp night. Nice night to be outside with a jacket on. I fired up...
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    A "dumpster" Q1200

    Looks like it was used once. Leave it the original color, as a talking point. Wicked nice find.
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    New Q2200 owner with Griddle question

    Well, you know, it depends on the egg.
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    Deleted thread

    And I'm only going to hope that this was a sarcastic post meant to humor the situation, and I hope all of you will do the same. But, just in case, is there a way to ignore this guys posts if he was serious? Asking for all of my TVWBB friends.
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    Q1200 Fall or Winter Sales?

    I recently picked up a free Q200 through Craigslist. I've just started grilling on it (I know, must post results and pics, soon, I promise). I'm impressed with this grill. I was a 30 year charcoal purist, past year or two going over to gas for various reasons. So yeah, what Bruce said. Find a...
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    Diameter and length of the lid clevis pin on a weber q1200

    The adjustable pins shown above can most likely be cut down to the size you need for the aesthetics. And even cheaper....
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    Diameter and length of the lid clevis pin on a weber q1200

    Tractor Supply has 1/4" x 2" clevis pins, adjustable. About $2.50 for a pair. Home Depot has the same, for about $2.25 each. Amazon has 1/4" x 1 1/2", $11.00 for a pack of eight. They're...
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    HOW TO: Weber Q1xx and Q2xx Regulator Delete

    Pieces and parts are in. Maybe tomorrow for the install.
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    Lodge Frying Pan

    Rather than a Lodge you could think about a Darto? Lots of carbon steel skillets, paella pans (skillets sans handles). They ship from Argentina, and just started shipping for $15 per order, no matter what the weight or amount. And to any country. Good pans, I've got 3. Bigger ones are a bit...
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    New to me Q200

    Just took another look at the drip pan. It is indeed the correct one, and slips in and out as your video shows. Thanks again.
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    New to me Q200

    Just my poor grade school humor surfacing when I read your "Here is a video of me pulling mine in and putting it back in."
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    New to me Q200

    And just saying, my wife was a little disappointed with the video.
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    New to me Q200

    Not sure if you did that for me, but if you did I really appreciate it. Next week I'll get back to the thread. Many, many thanks.