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    Face Masks recommendations for flying

    I very much prefer the ones that tie behind my head to the ear ones.
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    Maverick ET732 loses signal more often

    I absolutely love the smoke. I use it all the time.
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    Maverick ET732 loses signal more often

    Probes are the weak point on those units. I still have a ET-732 as a backup to my smoke. I don't know about the loss of signal. I haven't experience that. Maybe it's getting old. Mine is probably older than that but doesn't get much use.
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    Smoked Queso Dip

    No, I'm all in on Velveeta and I'm going to use it for this cook, but there's not much actual cheese there. I ordered some sodium citrate and I'm going to make my own. My wife said"Let me get this straight. So you are going to take perfectly good expensive block cheese and you are going to...
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    Smoked Queso Dip

    If you want to avoid velveeta but you want a melty cheese I saw a video by Chud's BBQ YouTube channel where he used sodium citrate to make his own American cheese. I find that intriguing and I may research that. It probably beats the hell out of velveeta.
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    Smoked Queso Dip

    You beat me to the punch! I'm making some later this weekend. Your's looks great!
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    What Are These?

    I went to their website as well and I can't find anything. Maybe its something to pick up the grate with while it's hot? I'm at a loss.
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    Maverick down, looking for a replacement.

    In my opinion you can't go wrong with Thermoworks Smoke. It's pricy at around 100 bucks but rock solid. You could always go with a new Maverick as well. The XR-50 has 4 probes and great range at around 80.
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    I'm battlin carpenter ants

    I may be going down this road, soon. I haven't seen any lately but I was seeing some carpenter ant drones right before last winter.
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    Temp control

    I might just fill up the ring maybe 3/4 full and use maybe 12 to 20 lit briquettes. I shut all my vents after the cook and reuse the leftover charcoal either in my grill or the wsm.
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    What do you think about Chick Fil A?

    It's fine. My wife is a huge fan. My son likes the playground. I could take it or leave it.
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    ThermoWorks Smoke Probe Fail

    I've had one go out in my oven and I suspect it was because I didn't preheat the oven first and maybe caught some direct heat somewhere. Maybe you just got a bad one. Most of mine have been used over and over and over again.
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    Texas Hot Guts Revisited.

    I did a version with tablespoons, teaspoons etc. I haven't adapted that for the new recipe. For a 5 lb batch it'd be something like 2 tbsp morton's kosher salt. 2 tbsp 16 mesh black pepper. I teaspoon of cure#5 and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne. Maybe a smidge more cayenne. Once you get the hang...
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    Texas Hot Guts Revisited.

    Yes. Percentages of meat and fat. Also if you like more salt you could bump it to 1.67% I wouldn't go much higher than that. I cook mine at 225 or so but the low heat approach works well on these as well. I've done that in the past and done the water bath, etc.
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    Texas Hot Guts Revisited.

    I simplified my recipe slightly this last batch: I took out the herbs and tweaked the cayenne and black pepper. 1.5% Salt 1.0% Black Pepper 0.25%Cure #1 0.075% Cayenne 10% Water. Cubed up meat. Seasoned meat cured overnight. Grinding. After the grind I add the water and then hand mix...