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    Harry Soo can't be right....

    I kind of do a combination on my my WSM. I bury most of my chunks but I put one by my lit charcoal to get that initial smoke for a good smoke ring and what not. I've also put half on top, and buried. I've not noticed a ton of difference but I haven't compared side by side either. I've only...
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    Direct coal cooking

    I know I've posted a cook doing exactly this but it was back in 2014 and I can't find it. I used lump charcoal in my kettle and I used a hair dryer to blow off the ash. It also really stokes the charcoal. You will get little chunks of charcoal stuck to the meat but it was very tasty. I think...
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    Kingsford's flavored charcoal ....

    I'm tempted to try it. It's basically incense for the griller. I can't see it adding much to the meat.
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    Weber CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection: New Accessories System for 2022

    I have the GBS sear grate which is fine. It works well with a vortex on a kettle. I have the griddle and it was just laughably too small to be useful. I can't imagine the WOK was better. I also have the beer can chicken/ veggie basket. That one was pretty decent. But it's all pretty...
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    Weber CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection: New Accessories System for 2022

    Most of GBS accessories were smaller. I've got a few of them. They looked fine in a kettle but kind of silly in a big gas grill. I see this as a big improvement.
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    New Genesis 2022

    I think the new accessories system is improvement over the GBS. It allows these attachments to be a more reasonable size. People love accessories. I got a Blackstone for Christmas and I love that thing. It's more or less completely replaced my gas grill. They are hugely popular. Yes you...
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    NYD 2022

    Ya'll are both killing it!
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    Philly Cheese Steak on the BlackStone

    I've still got my lights up. Technically tomorrow is the last day of Christmas and it's even later going by the Julian calendar!
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    My opus on tongs...

    I had a pair I used for charcoal that came with one of those cheapo Walmart grilling tool sets. It sat out in on my deck for years and they final broke. I was heartbroken. I've got a pair now from Slow N Sear called a "cherry picker" Unfortunately, the new ones they make have plastic handles.
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    Philly Cheese Steak on the BlackStone

    I got one for Christmas. I made some cheese steaks the other day as well. Those look fantastic and way better than mine!
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    Smoking sausage

    I've got a little different approach to this, and I'm sure I'm probably wrong but I like to use brisket fat in my beef sausage. This fat is harder to render. I like to cook sausages at a similar temp to what I'm smoking other meats at, so around 225 to 275. I'm just really careful not to...
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    Clean your Kettle ??

    I'm more concerned about that than the exterior. You don't have to do it every time but grease can mix with the ash and buildup on your sweepers and underneath causing the vents to not close. Also you could get a grease fire if it's bad enough.
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    New Genesis 2022

    Sorry I missed the other thread! The gas grill section moves too fast!
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    New Genesis 2022

    The one I saw didn't seem to have all the smart grill stuff. If I knew it was that rare I'd have paid more attention. It was branded as a Genesis not Genesis 2. It had stainless side tables and and enclosed cart. The Lowe's guy walked up and said it was the 2022 model.
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    New Genesis 2022

    I just saw one of these at Lowe's. What's the purpose of that steel under the flavorizer bars? It's really weird to stumble across it and there's no info out there.