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    Brisket Test: Prime vs. Choice vs. Select | Mad Scientist BBQ

    For instance, Chud was using B&B charcoal and got the Fogo deal. No big deal there, but B&B was unsponsored. I'd lean that way, although I'm sure FOGO is great. Mad Scientist pushes all kind of stuff so his opinion I just don't trust, especially with smokers. I don't think he's being swayed...
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    I tried out some c-bind for the first time. It's a binder made from carrot fiber. The instructions say to use it at 1% to 2%. I saw a Chud video where he said .5%. I tried it out at .5% and it did a fantastic job. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried it out. It was a another Chud...
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    Smoking with Wood (No Charcoal)

    I think you are in uncharted waters. It's probably doable but might be more trouble than it's worth. You'd probably have to run a lot hotter than normal to get anything resembling a clean fire. You probably need to run a really small fire which can be hard to do. You are probably seeing...
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    Brisket Test: Prime vs. Choice vs. Select | Mad Scientist BBQ

    Some of those in video ads are fine and you can just fast forward through. A lot of times I'm seeing stuff I might be interested in. But other times they are pushing stuff that's snake oil or crappy phone pay to win video games. I object pretty hard to pushing a product that you don't believe...
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    Brisket Test: Prime vs. Choice vs. Select | Mad Scientist BBQ

    No it's true I couldn't get 5150. I'm just making the point they hold value. Some of it I'll never recover. That's fine. The smile on my face as I'm cooking on it is worth it. Some people buy pits and resell constantly. Some pits you could sell for more than you paid if there is a long...
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    Brisket Test: Prime vs. Choice vs. Select | Mad Scientist BBQ

    I spent 3450 on a Franklin that I could now sells for about 5150. That's a good investment it turns out. If you take care of a pit it holds its value extremely well. I had an old country pit that I bought for 350 and sold for 200 10 years later.
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    Brisket Test: Prime vs. Choice vs. Select | Mad Scientist BBQ

    I work and I have 6 year old so I don't get to run the pit as much as I would like, but I'm telling you, tending a fire for hours is therapeutic. What I found when I was going more and more in the automated direction (with a WSM and signals/billows) was that I was enjoying cooking barbecue a...
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    Long Rest - Butcher paper or foil?

    I've rewrapped in foil for the rest. It keeps your cooler from getting messy. No reason not to other than it takes time. I don't think the bark will be changed You can leave it in the paper as well, though. Some people use clear kitchen wrap over the paper. If you are doing an active...
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    Brisket Test: Prime vs. Choice vs. Select | Mad Scientist BBQ

    I've watched both videos. I don't know if you can read that much into it. Its one test. We don't know how good that choice was. If it was an upper 2/3rds choice it could easily be pretty close to that Wagyu. The Wagyu didn't look like it was cut all that well and was a lot smaller. The...
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    what are you cooking for labor day weekend ?

    I was wanting to cook a brisket on the Franklin pit but my wife is having to work that weekend and I've got my 6 year old son by myself those days. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do but probably not that long of a cook.
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    Competition -vs- Standard Kingsford. What's the difference?

    Is K-pro the same as K-comp? I've branched out a lot with charcoal when the sales went away. There's some things to be said for KBB. It lights very quickly. It you catch it at the right moment it burns pretty hot. I've gotten great sears with it. It just peaks faster and dies faster so you...
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    Hanging Ribs in 22" WSM

    But it all has to come out the vent and the air is going to converge there because of that constriction so it will be hotter in that location?
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    Hanging Ribs in 22" WSM

    Those are some beautiful ribs! I've only hung ribs in my WSM once. I didn't have an extender. I think I only did one rack in my 22.5 WSM so I didn't really get as much of that direct heat flavor as I wanted. I need to try it again.
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    Pastrami brine question

    I've only done it one time and did a dry cure, which works well if you are doing flat only. The advantage is that you can do an equilibrium cure meaning if you want your final product to have a certain salt percentage that's what you put on it. You can do the same thing with a wet brine but it...
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    Boudin Sausage......Boo-Dan!

    I've made it a couple of times. It can be tricky because of the rice. The rice can absorb your liquid and you wind up with a dry boudin. That looks great! Did you use any kind of liver? Pork liver can be really hard to get ahold of. I've subbed chicken liver. The last time I actually got...