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    Kurobuta pork

    I’m going to Wild Fork tomorrow, gonna try a couple of these!
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    ABTs and Tri Tip

    I’ve never seen Tri-tip with a fat cap like that, almost looks like picanha. It’s cooked perfectly though and the ABT’s look great too.
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    Genesis caster upgrade at less than half the price

    Thanks for the parts info! I just put them on my grill, didn’t get the brakes though. My wheels were shot. What a difference!
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    Added a Q to my arsenal

    I like it! They are great little grills. That’s exactly how I acquired a CharQ.
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    Stuffed chicken and rice

    That’s AMAZING! I love cooks like that! I’ve been wanting to do Ina’s turkey roulade for a while. One of these days…
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    For spam lover

    Here’s a good Spam cookbook!
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    ....and today is.......

    To honor Shrimp Day! Shrimp, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes over angel hair pasta. Sautéed in olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes, then some white wine, clam juice and chicken broth.
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    Hello from Maryland

    Hi Mac, welcome from PA! I’ve been to the Annabelle Lee Tavern in Canton a few times.
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    Breaking in my new Q 2200.

    I bought a used one from FB for work a few years ago. I left it when I retired 4/2020, the guys are still using it. I get pics every now and then.
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    Kentucky Mule

    Julep time!
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    ....and today is.......

    Just turned it on, it’s a lazy rainy day here. Mint juleps later!
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    Kentucky Mule

    I just polished up these. Got them in a Maker’s Mark gift set many years ago. They’re not a traditional silver julep cup but they’ll have to do.
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    Chance of rain

    Been rainy,windy and cold in my neck of the woods since yesterday morning. Feels more like March than May. Supposed to end tomorrow morning.
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    Let's play BINGO

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    Kentucky Mule

    I agree. I noticed yesterday that I’m almost out, took care of that today. Always buy a 1.75L but today the 750’s were on sale, got 2!