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    New member. 20 miles SW of Palatine.

    Hi Chris, welcome from PA! You’ll love it here, a lot of great people with tons of knowledge!
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    Stick immersion blenders - any reccos of buy and/or avoid?

    I have a Bamix as well, the thing is a beast!
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    Pastrami on the 22" WSM

    That’s some of the nicest pastrami I’ve ever seen!
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    New member in Vermont

    Welcome from PA!
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    Possibly the last warm day of the foreseeable future?

    We had unseasonably warm temps here a few days ago so I took advantage and changed the water and filters in the hot tub. We use it more in the winter than any other season. Finally finished up stacking my fire wood too!
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    Anyone else interested in oil heaters?

    It sure is! My wife was 15 minutes away from them in Milford visiting her sister last week, if she was down there now I’d be giving her a call right now! As it is, it’s only 2 hrs from me, boy it’s tempting…
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    New Member

    Hi Mark, welcome from PA!
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    NY Steak 🥩

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    Rain held off for the kids, but it’s raining steady now. Glad I decided to put up the canopy out front so the neighbors could party!
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    T-Bones, fresh harvested wild chanterelles and mole at the cabin!

    I agree, everything looks remarkable! Nice cook!
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    New Member and Thanks

    Hi Rick, welcome from PA!
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    Thanks Joan! A few things have been added since those pictures were taken. Overall, we’ve scaled back quite a bit but still get dressed up! Pirates this year.
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    It’s nice here now too but scattered showers are supposed to move in early evening. Hopefully, they’ll hold off. Regardless, we’re ready for the little varmints!
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    Tied Up Texas Chuck & Smokey Chicken Wings

    I’m sure everyone loved the food and fire! The last few days have been great here in PA too, I’ve had the pit burning everyday. We’re the last house on a dead end street, I put it out front so the neighbors know it’s time to party!
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    Anyone else interested in oil heaters?

    Yeah, they definitely need to be lit/extinguished outside. When lighting, the flames go wild and will produce black smoke and will smell but once the chimney is flipped on they calm down and burn very smooth and clean. Recently, we had some chilly, rainy weather. We enjoy sitting in our gazebo...