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    Fire went out last night need help!!!

    No trash. It should be okay if finished to a safe temperature for future reference. I've concluded over the years that cooking at hotter temps doesn't hurt anything in the end either. If it helps you could set your cooker to the hotter side before going to sleep if you think it would help.
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    Temp question?

    Your doing great! I think that if your anywhere near 250 your fine. I would encourage you to not worry about being above that temperature either. I feel like cooking around 220-225 would be more likely to cause a dry out effect more then a higher temperature actually. The key is to not over...
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    help w/ chicken skin

    ill go back and try out higher temps. I've been trying things like foil pans and butter and basting and all kinds of stuff. They make it look workable on television but skin is difficult. I've done plenty high temp cooks but thats when I felt it was that plastic consistancy. Ill focus on...
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    help w/ chicken skin

    I wanted everyone's best go to method for bite through skin. I have found old posts but I've done almost everything. I dont like soft mushy skin, and my biggest problem is getting skin thats plastic consistancy, which I don't like either. Sometimes Im tempted to throw it all out before I...
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    Cleaning up

    I still like this but I guess it didn't go over real well! :) it is different.
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    Factory thermometer problem. . .

    i'll admit to not reading every post about them yet, but interestingly enough mines only off about 6-8 (when it will stay still) per thermapin. I must have been traded a ok therm for a pretty loose fitting unit... still like it cause its mine. Im not wrapped to tight either.. ;)
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    smoked chicken help

    hey danny. When I butterfly a whole chicken to smoke I use the 18 incher (wsm) and use 2 or 3 chunks of wood buried about 1 briquet "layer" thick down (before I toss in a chimney of lit that is). Use whatever wood you like but fruit wood would be the mildest to start. I put it down there...
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    Metamorphosis Rub (originally titled "Need a new rub for this year")

    question Wanted to ask a question about the rub, couldn't believe it was on page 4 of recipies and thought it would also be beneficial if new members could see. There could be more new members I guess cause the site went through a nice change also. Anyway: I'd like to leave this alone...
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    Tri Tip on the WSM

    honestly no, I cant but I would think it would be 4 or 5 hours (don't hold me to it, there all different) just poke it about 1 hour into the cook, and remember how (tough) it felt to start. Then wait for it to become more tender then that minimum. Likely it will be much more tender. Sometimes...
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    Ribs: What am I doing wrong?

    If you don't like that dark color you could: 1) cut your sugar some and try your 250-275 2)leave your sugar alone and just cook at 250-275 and foil them tightly when they look like you want them to, w/ a nice color Add a little shot of Apple Juice, and pay close attention to the tear test from...
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    Tri Tip on the WSM

    i mean that temperature for cookin it, not internal. Im not sure what the internals were at, I just poked it w/ a kabob skewer till it felt slice-able. you may as well try a nice big one while your at it. theres also some rubs I think in the cooking topics somewhere (I think) for tri. I...
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    Tri Tip on the WSM

    I love bbqin tri around 230-250. Long story short I treat it like a small brisket and it pretty much comes out like one except often not quite as dry. It may be dryer then what your used to on the grill (I like grilling them too) but the tenderness often seems much better. Dont forget to rest.
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    Looooong butt cook

    I've had them go that long occasionally. you should be coming close by now though.
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    Its 2 foot 10 inches with lid off to the top not counting legs. From the legs bottom (part touching the ground) add maybe another 2 or 3 inches.
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    just a thought?...OVERNIGHTERS

    Well I searched pretty well and didn't see anything so forgive me if I missed. I just have been seeing 22 inch wsm users waking and loading another 3/4 pounds of kingsford in the morning hours during overnight cooks. Well I havn't logged on for literally years but fairly recently I purchased a...