Yo Russ

russ olin

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Hey Jim.
How ya doing?
Actually I think we have a 50% chance of winning this game today.
I watched both Packer games so far this year & just like my Donkeys they have not been that impressive.
The Packers scored 21 quick points in the 1st qtr & then the offence just disappeared.
The Vikings should have won the game, but kissin' Cousins blew it. The Refs gave the Bears the game with a last minute bad roughing QB call.
And if Chicago is a Super Bowl caliber team we had them whooped, so I think that we are going to give you guys a heck of a tussle today.
Although historical NFL fact my Donkeys have never won in Green Bay.
Should be a heck of a hard fought game.
And remember our coach has game planned against Arron Rodgers in the last few years.
And personally I think both teams have to get a lot better. Believe me I'll be down in my man cave rooting for the Bronco's enjoying the wife's home made chili in the crock pot.
Enjoy the games.
Heck Jim I should have met you at the stadium & we would have watched the game live, wouldn't that have been a hoot. LOL
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Jim Lampe

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The Broncs played well, Flacco played well.
The Pack's defense surprised me... and continues to. We hear it every year how the D is improved yet it never is.
I really was expecting Denver to win against chicago, and hoping/praying...
GB has a lot of home games early, not good for them. Prefer to play in the cold.

Anyway, good luck with the rest of the season!

russ olin

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Well Jim congrats on the Pack's 3 -0 start.
Three turnovers killed us & it looks like it gonna be a long year in Donkey Land.

Right now I don't have a clue whats going on in Bronco Country.