Yet Another Sad Summit Story...

Jon Tofte

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If any of you see one of those current generation Summit monster grills and imagine yourself as Captain Kirk at the helm of a gas grill of starship proportions ready to conquer the galaxy...

My advice is to take a deep breath and think hard first. These things have cabinets made of cheap steel that rusts out like crazy here in South Florida, at least. Even in a dry environment, the porcelain plated inner firebox almost inevitably begins to crack and rust/burn through is in your future. Then there is their enormous weight and unnecessary complexity...

Here's what I did with two that I picked up over the years:

I say, just say NO!!!

Here is a 4 burner one someone has been trying to get a measly $25 for almost a week:

Now one thing I will say is that the stainless grates on these aren't all that bad and with a little cutting can be refitted to work in a Genesis 1-5, x000 or Silver/Gold/Platinum. So, for $25 bucks and a lot of scrap metal to haul, you would get grates that are about as thick as Dave Santana's (not spaced as tightly as his, however). That could be worthwhile if you are up for the effort.


Jon Tofte

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No, the current Summits are different from the Genesis in size. I don’t think any would interchange.

Chris in GA

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Ok, thank you.
I saw the Summit at Lowes and Ace few years back, too bad they don't fit that is few of the parts that last on the Summit.