WSM Lid Sticking! Help!

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David Collier

After couple of years, using the WSM I smoked non-stop for 30 hours.The build up on my lid is causing it to stick to the mid cylinder part of the smoker, very difficult to break apart. Even after remaining apart in 30 degree weather for two days, I closed it up and when I tried to take it apart hour or two later......stuck again. The build up looks like a thick coat of grease or syrup. Can this be cleaned? Any suggestions? Thanks!
my kettle was same way. I bought some simple green grill soap and new. Go ahead and clean it..a cleaning from time to time is healthy.
mine's been sticking too .... ice

close it all up, condensation forms, collects in the lid holder then it freezes

a little love with the broad side of a 2x4 on the lid works well

I think I'll try pouring some hot water on the lid next time.
This happens all the time with mine. I just give a good "butt of the fist" hit or 2 to the side of the lid while holding on to it and it comes free. Personally, I like the seal as I'm a Guru user but yeah, it can be cleaned. Simple Green, as mentioned above, or any degreaser will work. You'll have to repeat every cook or 2 though.

I use damp paper towel and wipe the cooker down while it is warm (usually following a cook). This seems to help minimize the build up of the gunk. There is still some sticking, but nothing a little bump with the heal of my hand hasn't been able to handle.

Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n.... too many choices!
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