Work sharp ken onion or E5-NH Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Mac LA

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Hello Team,

Has anyone used any of these, if so, can you provide some insight?

Thank you



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I am far from an expert knife sharpener. I bought the Ken Onion several years ago and it does a credible job for what little I know about knife sharpening but, to me, it is cumbersome because of needing to change sharpening bands in order to progress throughout the various sharpening stages. Then, 6 months ago, I bought the Chef's Choice 130. I LOVE it; it is simple to use, sharpens quickly, and delivers a better edge than what I've ever had.


BFletcher, my experience is just about the opposite. Over the years, I've tried a couple of difference Chef's Choice sharpeners and was never satisfied with the edge (or how the cheap one would not sharpen back to the bolster.) I bought a Work Sharp a few years ago, and I can just about put a shaving edge on a bowling ball.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I use my brother for deep sharpening with his Japanese waterstone and use a steel like my father taught me.
If Steve can’t do it, I take them to a pro.

Mac LA

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Thank you for the input everyone.

The other option in the E5-NH Kitchen Knife Sharpener, it's only 15 bucks more than the Ken Onion but doesn't as adjustable and does seem easier to use.

I plan on getting a Japanese combo stone but the one I wanted is currently out of stock.


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I just got the ken onion work sharp and it is amazing. Put an incredibly sharp edge on my 20 year old 5 star Henckels. Never could do it with my chef's choice.