Wings for a comp


Eric Michaud

TVWBB Super Fan
Hello all, curious if any of you have done wings in a comp. Doing the Hartford Rib off, first day we turn in Steak and wings. Trying to figure out what the judges are looking for. Thank you in advance for your input.
What are your favorite wings? Do you have a vortex?

I wonder if you should go traditional (franks/butter), smoke & bbq, Raspberry/Chipotle sounds good to me and might be a nice contrast.

I <3 Jerk wings, they might do well, I don't think Teriyaki would go over.........but ?
I'd say practice with flavors (rubs and sauces) but one thing I was always told...they need to "have some HEAT to compete." Not crazy spicy, but don't go just smoky/salty or strictly sweet.