Why now?

Stefan H

TVWBB Wizard
Damn, we are in self quarantine and this shows up. Yes it is not a Weber but for $100 this DCS grill is a steal. Looks extremely clean inside.

Stefan H

TVWBB Wizard
So you guys are not allowed out of your house?
My son was running some fever and coughing a few days ago. This why have put us under self quarantine. We do go out of the house and I ride my bike but we stay away from other folks right now. So meeting sellers and buyers is ano go go for the next two weeks.


TVWBB Olympian
Oh well, that is the pits. I have had a cold the last three days, but no fever. I haven't called anyone as it doesn't seem to be anything more. But I am pretty much home bound too on my own accord.


TVWBB Wizard
Transfer the funds electronically and call the guy when you're down the street so he can wheel it to the curb, lol. But seriously, I hope your Son and family are well.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Dang it Bruce, you are the one that gave me this cold! My cough is improving, nose running faster than Jesse Owens!
No fever but, serious road construction out front, don’t care about going anywhere anyway, I’ve got vodka and scotch!