Why Cook Bacon?


Just made my first batch of bacon (thanks to Bob Correll and Chris Allingham!) and a question popped into my mind.

If the purpose of curing is to inhibit the growth of the nasty stuff, what purpose does cooking to 140º while smoking serve?


Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Several years ago, without much for a guide, I cured and cold smoked at temps around 100F until I liked the color of the slab.
Taking the internal to a safe, basically cooked temp, pretty much insures a safe product, cooked or even uncooked. Home curing is not an exact science.
I've not noticed much of a difference in quality between all cold smoking and bringing it up to 140-150.
I still cold smoke until it's close to the color I want, then bump up the temp to finish it at 140-150.