Whole Chicken Brine

Brian Trommater

TVWBB Super Fan
I got a new injector and want to inject a whole chicken and smoke. What would you suggest injecting with and how long to before cooking?

MikeS in Alaska

This is a good simple brine that you can modify as your tastes see fit. I generally go with a savory brine not too sweet.

Simple Brine Turkey - Chicken - Pork

1/2 gal Apple Juice,
1 cup kosher salt,
1 tbl sage,
1 tsp each blk pepper, thyme, basil, onion powder.

Add enough water to just cover bird in brine bag (about 1 gal)

Brian Trommater

TVWBB Super Fan
I decided to cure it. Been wanting to try that on chicken anyway. Do want to try some different injections in different meats. Not finding much. Will have to do some research.


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Brines, cures or marinades can all be injected. Just find something that suites your tastes, Tony C's for example.