Where has Bryan been, is this project abandoned?!


Bryan Mayland

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Hi folks, it's-a me, the HeaterMeter guy! First off, I'd like to take a moment to express my utmost gratitude to the community here who has been doing a wonderful job of supporting new HeaterMeter users and helping them to troubleshoot their builds and answering their questions. I am so appreciative of the work you all do to keep the project active and supported, especially recently as I was experiencing a crisis.

I've been a work-from-home person for several years now, so the pandemic hadn't really changed too much about my day to day activity, however I had to step away from doing much HeaterMeter stuff to spend time assisting my parents who are at an age where they are very susceptible to the dangers of the virus. My sister and I had been splitting the responsibility, but she and her husband (who are essential workers) contracted COVID and had to go into quarantine along with their children. Luckily, their condition didn't require hospitalization, and they didn't pass it to my parents thanks to strict sanitation procedures. Unfortunately that left a lot of work on my shoulders and a lot of time spent commuting. I kept the store open during this time as I was also furloughed from my job and the money certainly helped.

All this meant that the community got the short end of the stick when it came to time. I apologize for abandoning the responsibility of helping people out, answering questions, diagnosing problems, and hearing new ideas about what HeaterMeter might possibly do. I now have time again thanks to my sister's family making a full recovery, so you're all stuck with me making silly comments and frowning at the idea of slapping a TFT LCD on a HeaterMeter. Hopefully, things will get more back to normal now as I really enjoy this group of like-minded people who just want to attach wifi to their meat for some reason. :)

Thanks again to all the community members who stepped up in my absence, now let's debate which buttons are better: 4x buttons or 1x 4-way button!
as a new user, thank you for getting the kits out in a very timely fashion despite all that was (and is) going on.

my 0.02 re: buttons...4 separate buttons. Why is there even a debate? :)
Very glad everything worked out so well for your family.

Just received and built a 4.3 this past week. After using the 4-way for many years, I am already a fan of 4 separate!
Glad to hear that inspite of going through all of that, it all seems to have come out well.
Please pass on my appreciation for what your sister and husband do.
Even though they are in a different country to me, I still appreciate the outstanding sprit of human nature exhibited by people such as them.
Why would anyone want 1 button when they can have four?
More is better.
(Said very much Tongue in Cheek) but I am very happy with my four buttons.
Thanks Bryan, and sorry that I took your time in such situation by asking stuff by PM. Your willingness to help, even in such challenging situations, is much appreciated. And I would like to also thank the community here on my behalf, I received excellent encouragement and advice to my questions here, and my failure to build a working unit definitely wasn't due to lack of help available.
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Bryan, Cap' Bry, you are awesome. You have stayed the scene, and have delivered a product that, i'm pretty sure, is not commercially available anywhere but here.

You are the man! keep your Brilliance coming.
First off, glad you and your family is safe from this nasty virus. Going to post a link that says it all right now if we are going to win this war on Covid. Coming from the Pharma side of the world, I know first had how easy it is to get someone else`s bug. Granted we all used sterile gowns when we enter a manufacturing core, but some items are shared and it`s YOUR personal responsibility to make sure the person who going to use that gear next gets something that is disinfected. I will not go on from there, but that is why right now mask are good and please all of you out there, where a mask when out in public. As for a vaccine, we can hope there is something in the future, but realistically, maybe next year it could happen. We just don`t poop out a vaccine.


Like Will said before, there is nothing like this product on the market right now. I still look at the new ideas out there and they look interesting, but they just don`t match what you have done with this project and your dream. Thankyou for all your dedication and hard work. This community is lucky to have you and everyone else who believes in the Heatermeter.
Bryan, glad to hear everyone’s okay. The HeaterMeter project has been a ton of fun the last few weeks and really gotten me back into electronics. Building a working HM gave me the confidence to do an unrelated circuit board repair at home that saved me $600! So yes, many thanks for everything you’ve done, and hope everyone stays safe.
Glad to hear things are getting better, Bryan.

Also, I think we can all agree that one single function, and only one button is the best option!

Me and a friend of mine are completely unaware of the debate of the buttons, so, asking for a friend, with one button only:
He's got it wired up to the "Lid Mode" switch so he can toggle it on and off, and the bonus is that it lights up! I mean none of our buttons light up so I may have to declare a winner.
Glad all is well with the family. Family has to be number one priority these are somewhat troubling and trying times the HM in the clear case looks like something that would self destruct in 10 seconds after Mr Phelps presses it and hears the message
I have really been too focused on the parts sourcing and then trying to solder it so that I didnt even realise there was a "headless" option to build one, nor have I gotten familiar with any fancy features like the lid mode button. :D Well, I am hopeful I will get to familiarise myself with the features very soon. Just printing the casing for the HM right now, and assembled the damper-fan. Gotta dig up a power supply from my box of treasures and I should be pretty much set as soon as DHL visits me. :) Although the probes might be the next challenge, gotta try my cheap TC first and see if I need to order one more with the tprobes...