What temperature?



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Hi all. I am having trouble with temperature control. I have a Family Q 3200 and cannot fathom the settings (approximate) that I should use. I understand direct and indirect heating but this is where I get confused. Medium heat, and low and slow. I know that it is very hard to answer this one due to the fact that too many variables come into play and that someone will always take your word as gospel. My life is too short to be buggerising around trying to understand what marks on the two knobs are near to what I am trying to achieve. What setting marks should be near to what I want? Put ‘without prejudice’ or some such on it to stop any silliness or PM me. Thanks in advance.


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There really is no low and slow on a Q3xxx. But they are pretty versatile. Depends on what you want to cook

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Your best bet is to get a dual probe digital remote thermometer and use one prob for grate level temperature in the grill. If that doesn't fit into your budget, an oven thermometer will suffice in most cases. Either way, place it close to what you're cooking.


Larry has your answer there Antcha. Q's really aren't the right tool for low and slow, they just cook to hot even on the lowest dial setting. They are great for grilling and roasting, though, if you use a shallow pan and rack. One thing I like to use is a foil pouch with wood chips for a nice smoke flavor.


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Thanks, guys. I thought it might go this way. I just got back from the green shed after picking up a dual thermomenter, one for the meat and one to pick up the ambient temperature.


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Antcha: YOu are on the right track with using the dual probe thermometer. Good luck.

Consider finding an old Genesis Silver b or Genesis 1000 if you want to open up your gas grilling capabilities.