What do I have here?

Old Genesis Silver model I think. Serial number should be on the right hand side (end of the burner panel). Put it into Weber's website to find out for sure.

edit: wow I'm dumb, it says Silver right on the handle. So yeah, definitely a Genesis Silver. Just don't know the differences between the specific models. Something from the 90s is my best guess. The good news is you'll easily be able to find parts for it (grates, flavorizer bars, etc) and restore it into a real workhorse (or give it to a buddy who likes gas grills more than you and make them super happy.)
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It's a genesis silver A. It's a 2 burner grill. I have one. It's a very good performing grill and its built like a tank.
Except for the dirt it looks good. If the frame is solid it should clean up real nice. Check the crossbar on the left beside the grey side table to see if it is rusted through. Bruce has posted a how to video if it needs replacing. Good find and Good luck restoring it. Post lots of pictures.
Just a scaled down version of the Silver B. Great little grill if you don't have to cook for a lot of people.
Great little grills. Very versatile and can even use the rotisserie from full size Genesis. WAY better than the new Spirit and Genesis 2 burner grills now