What colors of lids did the Genesis have

Ruede McGriff

New member
I picked up a better Genesis a week ago in Red- mine is red too but the new one is much deeper red, mine is sort of red with white specks on it I tried to clean them off with solvent, acetone and paint stripper but no go was this a colour or is it damaged ?

Stefan H

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I have red, blue, green, maroon and black lids at home. Then there have been brown ones and also other colors for the older Platinum models. Plus all the special edition models.

Jon Tofte

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Glad to have you on TVWBB!

What you are describing is what a lot of our members call “The Dreaded Fade.” It happens the most with black hoods, but it can happen with others. It is an internal change in the porcelain coating. No cleaner, abrasive, etc. will take it off because it is not something to remove. I have a black Skyline hood on which I have just learned to put up with the faded top.

To make yourself feel better for a short time you can try the trick of “waxing” your hood with spray Pam. It sometimes does amazing things for a brief stint, but it will soon burn off or dry up.


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There is the Mauve colored lid that I have seen on some of the Genesis 5000 grills.