Wet charcoal in performer

Brian Lieder

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I have a classic stainless performer and my charcoal gets wet in there. I use a cover and when I pull it off, there’s condensation on the stainless table so I know it’s damp in there. Anyone ever solve this problem, or do I just have to keep the coal in the garage?


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I keep it in the (rolled-up) bag in the performer & I've never had a problem. But then again, I'm not in a very wet climate.

Brian Lieder

TVWBB Member
Interesting. With a waterproof cover when condensation forms, there is no place for it to go. With a water resistant cover, over time the moisture can escape.

This site recommends breathable (water resistant) covers. https://www.the-cover-store.com/waterproof-covers

This is good advice, I think I’m gonna get my local canvas company to make me a breathable cover. They make boat covers and said they could do a custom cover for me. I really like having all my grill stuff in one place, if I have to store to coal in the garage I might as well not have a performer.


Wow Brian, I've had a SS performer for about 2yrs now in very humid and rainy Virginia and uncovered. I have stored the charcoal poured into the bin and use a grain scoop to move to the kettle. Ive checked the bin after heavy rain/wind storms and never had any wet coal. Needless to say I had been skeptical when I first got the grill, but have been very impressed since. Hope a different cover solves your problem