Welcome New Members

Brian B Atlanta

TVWBB All-Star
I have noticed a lot of new members posting in the pellet grill forum especially, so welcome to all I became addicted to the forum in July of 2017 great bunch of people with a huge amount of experience whether you have a gas grill, charcoal kettle, WSM or whatever. The more members we have to share info the better the site becomes.

By the way Chris is not paying me for this. :)

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Platinum Member
I am with Brian. Definitely welcome everyone! There's a lot of good information here. I actually usually hang out in the gas grill section. There we have worked together to compile some very helpful resources for repairing and refurbishing gas grills, including best sources for parts. We also have some great "before and after" picture essays of some very cool classic Weber grills.