Weber Flame

I've only seen it in the Weber newsletter.

When you giving one of those away?
I saw one on the Wal-Mart website. It was a bigger picture than most others. 52,000 BTU runs for 8 hours on a tank (I assume 20lb, that's a lot of fuel). It was also $529 or so. Looks pretty neat though, after all, its a Weber. Myself, I would rather go for a Performer.
That thing is sweet! I wonder how hard it would be to convert to natural gas....then it would be especially nice.
OK -- I finally saw this thing today (I also saw the new performer, but I will save that for another post). It is built very well as you would expect from Weber. The back of it has the standard propane tank gauge and holder mechanism. I tried to lift by the front handle to roll it and it felt very heavy. It has rain screens to cover the windows when it is not in use. I did not see any of the other screens.

I took a few pictures with my camera phone and they are displayed below (sorry about the quality, I did my best).



That does look pretty nice. But only 7 hours per tank? That doesn't seem that long. How long does a Genesis B run on a tank?
I am sure that this thing would be nice if you live where you cannot have an open fire pit, but IMHO I would rather play with real fire. A fire pit from Lowe's is MUCH cheaper and then you could buy something like that E-Z Que Hobo and cook on the firepit and still have tons of money left over to buy food to cook.

Also, it must be incredibly high BTU's to only go for 7 hours. The Genesis series with 3 burners are supposed to go for 20-24 hours per tank. That is my recollection at least. Anyone feel free to jump in and correct me if I am wrong.
A Hobo is a portable, battery operated unit from EZQ, the cradle rotis company that Scott set up the special order page. That special is off, I believe, but you can check out that unit on their site.

My wife and I just used ours for the first time last night (3-29-05), it is wonderful! A little expensive but Weber products are designed to last. The 5 hour burn time is when you have the burner on high. We have had a wood burning fire pit for 10 years and what a joy it was not to have to tend the fire or climb into bed smelling of smoke. if you love outdoor fires without the mess, smell or work, the "Flame" is the way to go!
Does it put out enough heat? I ask because I generally have fires in the fall when it is 20-30 degrees (beer never gets warm) Would the new Flame keep us warm without cuddling up to it?
For a brisk Spring or Fall Evening Like the one we had the other night(40), it was just fine. 4 adults in lawn chairs can sit around it and the heat output is great! (Chris) you sound like my Aunt and Uncle who love being outside when it is freezing. In that weather I would recommend a real fire (In the family room)
No way I could buy one of these things. I love weber products but this one just seems waaaay to over priced. I can see having a gas fireplace inside the house,(still not for me tho) but no way using one outside the house. Real fire is the only way to go. Nothing like wearing the same shirt the next day you had on while sitting next to a woodburning fire the night before, IMO. I have one of those fire pits. Girlfriend got it for me about 5 years ago for $90. We love it and use it all the time. Nice thing about the firepits is they are all 360* viewing/heat radiating.

For someone who would only be allowed to have something like the weber cuz of city ordinances I guess it would have to do, tho I bet there are cheaper brands to be had.