Weber Family Portraits


Jered Crews

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Linens 'n Things carried the copper SJG. I scored one on eBay for $35 from a guy who "received it as a gift, but already had a grill". He clearly didn't know what he had. He didn't even list it as being copper. You had to look at the pics.

Don Cash

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Just added the Performer to the arsenal...Love it!!



Mike Sydnes

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Impressive collections everyone... here is my modest contribution. I fired all three up together for the first time this morning. Two briskets, one on each kettle, and 8 slabs of ribs on the WSM.
Originally posted by Jim Bloomfield:
Here are my crew
My Webers

first, what is the what looks like a rubber tube hooked up to the blow torch used for, and second I think I just got a chubby looking at that kitchen outside
all that stainless....

I need to get pictures of mine, still need a sink but, I do have a fridge out back, sadly no TV, don't think my wife will let me hook up direct TV to the outside....

Robert Black

Oh my God! You guys are sick I tell ya'. Look in the Yellow Pages under PSYCHIATRIST and get some help before it's too late.

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