Weber cast iron sear grate



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One word-----awesome! Could be bigger but oh well...... Great product that leaves killer grill marks!


wife bought me this last year. Not impressed. I use the grill more without the center in. She bought me Cracorts this year. Niiiiice....
I have the weber set and love them. The sear grate is nice for steaks and the normal grate insert works better than the original for other items. I also like to put my steal wok in the cut out for stir fry.

I bought the sear grate when Craycort dropped off the earth briefly a while ago (couldn't order, no response). Plus I was intimidated by the cost and idea of cast iron - I'm a cast iron killer (well, I destroyed one pan that even a professional couldn't bring back). I used and enjoyed the sear grate, but as I heard about the Craycort more and more I finally saved up my pennies and got it. I prefer it over the sear grate because I love the cast iron and now we understand each other. If I had it over to do again, I'd get the Craycorts and skip the sear grate.

However, if I wasn't interested in the Craycorts, the sear grate does work wonderfully. I hope you enjoy it (looks like you are!). May there be many happy delicious cooks in front of you.