Weber 8843 SS GBS Grate

Dave Mazz

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Seems the SS GBS grate by Weber (8843) is not available in the US. Has anyone in the US been able to acquire one? If so, how did you do so? I tried and Neither will ship the item to the US. Found a German-made knockoff on, but they won't ship to the US either.

Contacted Weber, here in the US, and that was simply a dead end.
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J Grotz

Sorry, I thought it was SS.
As many have noted, Weber does sell stuff in Europe that you can't purchase in the US. They had SIX colors of Smokey Joe grills - including IVORY - and, yes, the stainless steel 22" kettle grate with the GBS center. Joe was an enabler and assured me that we could get both of these into our luggage for returning to the US. I was an easy pushover, and in spite of the prices I figured this was a once in a life-time opportunity. With a lot of finagling, somehow we did it:

p.s. If you are jealous of that stainless grate, I will tell you that it is highly magnetic and therefor not 304. Still, it is a big improvement over nickel chrome plated regular steel.

It is, but it is still "highly magnetic."

J Grotz

Perhaps the Kettleheads here and over at WKC could convince Mark Baron at Killa Grilla Grates to make a run of SS grates for the GBS. They would be pricey, but last forever. I have a pair of his grates for my WSM 22 and the quality and ease of cleanup are amazing. When my original chrome plated grates were beyond rescuing, his are the only SS grates I could find at the time.

Timothy F. Lewis

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You know, a laser cut “diamond pattern” stainless set up would be really nice! Make it the same size and with removable center section!? Yippee!