Weber 70th Anniversary Kettle for 2022

Weber has done this to many times, American's buy more weber's but always wait and see if we will get what other countries have already. Was Weber started in Europe or America dang!!!
In this case, the US is getting all 4 different colors of 70th Anniversary Edition Kettles while Europe is only getting 1 color (Hollywood Gray). We just need to wait a little longer, but it'll be worth it. Yes, product offerings do vary by region, but keep in mind it's based on local market demand. Plus, the US currently has more kettle color options than any other region (Green, Copper, Indigo, Crimson, Deep Ocean Blue, Slate, Smoke, Spring Green, Ivory) vs Europe's kettle color options (Deep Ocean Blue, Slate, Smoke).
Agreed the business model in Europe is different than here in the US. Over there they are more marketed as high end grills at much much higher prices. All the grills cost more in Euro than here in $USD.
Also Europe always had a slightly different selection. E.g. the Smokey Joe grills got offered in Europe in different colors years before they came to the US. And in Europe they offer a stainless GBS grate for the 22" kettle which is not available in the US. Plus some accessories which are not available in the US.
But it is nice to see that more bright colors are coming back. Will the GBS grate pictured on the teaser website be the SS grate or the standard plated grate?
It'll be plated steel GBS.
Not sure if this has already been posted but here is the UK’s offering @ £419 rrp


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Hey Ross, same story as a 26" in color for 2022. There's currently no information available pertaining to plans for a Summit Kamado in colors.
If a red Summit Kamado comes out I’m getting one to go next to my Summit I just recently purchased haha.

Is the 70th anniversary kettle price confirmed yet?
Having read numerous comments above regarding US/Europe availability.
I think U.S. backyard grillers can give themselves a big pat on the back for promoting backyard bbq to the world. Everybody's doing it.
The population of Europe is +/-748,000,000, as opposed to +/-334,000,000 in the US.
Europe is a very lucrative market for Weber to tap into.