Vintage Weber Shish Kabob Set



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I picked up a vintage Weber Shish Kabob S-26 set (this fits the 22.5" Weber) that is in an opened box but new and never used. Also this was from the Wood Dale plant from the Weber logo and address on the box, so pretty early.
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These were all originally purchased, I'm guessing around 1960-1962 or so give or take and owned by an 89 year old man that hadn't used these in years and had recently passed away and the relatives were cleaning out the house in preparation for an estate sale.
They said these were found inside in the basement under a set of stairs. From the label on the box it looks like he purchased these from the old Dayton's Dept. store in Minneapolis which was the parent company that eventually became the Target Corp. Yes, at $9.95...I'll take a dozen please!
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Wow! What a find! That thing is amazing...

Would love to see more detailed pics of the Wood Dale grill, as well as the other accessories you've picked up. The fella's over at would love to meet you & see the pics as well... you should consider checking out their site and sharing your great pick up!
Great find ! I agree with Bob. The fellas would love the pics and your score, We LOVE pics !!!

Really nice find Todd, would love to see pic's of the kettle and the SK set mated up. I also gotta agree with Bob and Ken, the folks over at WKC would love to see pics this find and would welcome another collector of fine vintage Weber products (read that as another Weber Junkie) :rolleyes: