Video Review: Costco Mission Hill Bistro Brisket Burnt Ends

Well certainly appreciate you "taking another one for the team" :D Honestly looked like a lot of gristle. Which was my reaction from trying the first product. Unlike you I could not even give that product a thumb sideways. (although I was comparing it to some Big Ed's I'd had just a week before), and compared to that it did not even resemble a "Beef Product".
One thing you did not mention (or at least I did not hear it) was "smoke".
The videos you provide on Youtube are pretty good.
Informative and generally unbiased......
I usually never spring for much pre made food that contains anything relevant to bbq as the let downs are almost always there.....basically convenience is the only good thing that I personally find comes with that purchase.
Heck I don't even by smoked and sliced and sitting in the cooler brisket from my butcher.......I probably should.