Using 2 LP regulators in line, good, bad, doesn't matter?



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I am new to LP grills. Recently purchased a Weber q 2200. I travel towing a Casita trailer with 2, 20# LP tanks.
I cook most outside the trailer using a Camp Chef propane stove and the Weber q. Both propane cookers have regulators attached to them from the factory. My question is, will the propane delivered to the grill be reduced if I have a regulator on the propane line coming off the propane tank, as well as the one on the grill?

I have read conflicting opinions on the Casita forum.

I tried an experiment last night using 2 regulators. The flame on the q was reduced and the max air temp as measured with the Weber stock hood therm was approx 250F at max setting. I then removed the regulator close to the tank and ran a straight propane tube to the grill, this time the flame was larger and the temp rose to over 400F. I thought I figured it out until I read a statement saying that it is possible that in the 1st case one of the regulators may have automatically reduced the propane flow as it is designed to do.

I will repeat this experiment today, both with the q and the camp stove.

Your comments are appreciated.



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I think it's over kill at best and at worst the second regulator simply strangles gas flow too much


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Assuming you purchased the Q200 for camping, I would just remove the regulator on the grill and replace it with a straight connection that fits the camper line. If you are looking to use it at home and camping, then I would just bring along a couple small Coleman 1lb bottles of propane or a larger, refillable tank to connect the grill to when you go camping.


I had to take the regulator off of mine as its a dedicated cooker for the camper and I just plug into the ext connector and turn the gas on,need to clean mine too so thanks for the reminder ,getting ready for vacation